The dubbing artist ad computer and web drama ‘scenery’ manufacture.12 month telecast


The overall taste deer company Co. Dubbing artist ad computer is having 12 month telecasts which the collaborated web drama ‘the scenery’ comes with HB entertainment ahead. ‘scenery’ dealt ‘the reconciliation of the family’ which met again the family which the novelist who the hero is international changed abroad into the background between the adoptive and came around the major sight spot of Seoul including the Bukchon, Namsan, Han River, Seoul Plaza, Cheongyecheon, and etc. to Seoul and did me the dissolution of adoptive relation and gets wider. Appear the singer camp and AOA Aga Min. HB which ‘scenery’ the dubbing artist ad computer makes the drama ‘the swordsmanship man and woman’, ‘you breaking out at the star’, movie ‘coordination’, and controversial pieces of ‘only, only you’ back majority with the work which ‘the first time Seoul story drama script competition’ when it holds with the part of Seoul City’s ‘seoul talk excavation and diffusion business’ last year receives the excellent work in last JuneThe business agreement was signed with the entertainment and it started into the manufacture. ‘scenery’ completed the export of the worldwide movie platform ‘the Rakkuttebni key (Rakuten Viki)’ and largest in Japan entertainment producing company ‘the Avex’ etc. providing 170 country languages already. The Minsung Lee dubbing artist ad computer representative said as “one which the contents which the overseas many Korean wave fan can enjoy variously will make as possible”, saying that he was “not only the drama consisting of the total of 10 parts at the end of the year domestic fan but also one which the global fans can appreciate altogether” this.
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