‘the first baseman.man’ and box office 1…2 ‘female and male murder’ ·3 venom ‘


The Syeo gel new work ‘the first baseman.man’ which the director day beauty drawing the lunar landing process vividly is frozen recorded the first place of premiere second day box office, the movie ‘the first baseman.man’ (the Syeo gel which the supervision day U.S. is frozen) ranking about 85,100 the day before audience and about 158,400 the accumulated audience according to 20 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network. The first baseman.man ‘, in 1969, all Geuryeot the no. 11 talk with the child pole The audience is met by the work putting the lunar landing course of the astronaut Neal Armstrong (ryan gosling) challenging the world which is unable to experience someone with the chronology order from 18th. Ryan gosling, clear Poi, and etc. appeared and it took an active part. As to the same period ‘female and male murder’, the audience 31,800 Yeo people (about 340,000 accumulated audience) and ‘the star Ijeu sees’ gathered the audience 11,800 Yeo people (about 222,700 accumulated audience) and the audience 55,300 Yeo people (about 3.4865 million accumulated audience) and ‘the Miss white’ the audience 73,100 Yeo people (about 3.1582 million accumulated audience) and ‘venom’ connected ‘the first baseman.man’ back.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735813.htm, 2018/10/20 12:24:44]