The Jaesuck Yoo ♥ naked Jjeum the begetting a daughter.”The father the Yuneu Nim ” it is born


As to the comedian Jaesuck Yoo (26) and naked Jjeum, the former announcer (37) couple learned the late born child daughter on 19th. The netizen is sending the message of the congratulation, saying that it is “it is the late born child and if it is the daughter, are you more beautiful?”. The Yuneu Nim “it will be cute as much as it will not have a pain if the second will be the daughter in 8 years even if it will deposit in the eye” (kiki****) ” is congratulated in the Portal site and on-line community on 19th Buy happily. (sym9****) ” Jaesuck Yoo Nim can congratulate so. ” (onec****) “it is not son and daughter hallway, the ~ is congratulated” (tjsg****) “the father the Yuneu Nim it is born” (ckj8****) ” Jaesuck Yoo daughter stupid reservation I am all happy It congratulated, ” (wkdd****) ” second daughter said want and this wish was resolved. It congratulates, is ” (lkwa****) ” the late born child daughter beautiful? The smile seems to be full, the reaction of the back is shown in the house. The agency FNC entertainment of Jaesuck Yoo revealed “jaesuck Yoo wife Nagyeongeun gave birth to the girl at Seoul one hospital in the morning on 19th”. After that, it added “it is altogether fine and the woman delivered of a child and baby is taking a rest in many congratulation oves the family and acquaintances”. Jaesuck Yoo is happy been according to the agency in the pleasure taken the second baby. Jaesuck Yoo told the impressions through “the best will be altogether done in the process and broadcasting the sense more in the future” “thank truly congratulating all” the agency. The whole announcer got married on July, 2008 and the Jaesuck Yoo and naked Jjeum learned the son pitch pocket military in 2010. It became the parents of 2 children after in 8 years. Jaesuck Yoo is appearing on SBS ‘Running Man’ KBS2 ‘happy Together’ TvN ‘the block visiting Yoo quiz’. It is the expecting to apperace on the variety program ‘these days children’ which it is preparing to be new in JTBC.
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