The Kim Changhwan and this Straigth violence assistance suspicion…’Surely it is punished.


While the suspicion that it assaulted these Straigth members who the media line entertainment Kim Changhwan president and Yeongil Moon PD is the position artist habitually and inflicted the threat in addition to is proposed, the voice of the criticism of the netizens is becoming louder. More, this Straigth leader ear stone iron disclosed the fact that it is assaulted from the media line Yeongil Moon producer on the press interview which was the Jongno in Seoul on 19th and is held in the attorneys’ hall 10 floor Cho Yeongrae hall. In this day press interview, it revealed ear stone iron “about many times was habitually hit on the hips at underground recording room, rehersal room, studio, and etc. in the media line Yeongil Moon PD for 4 years. When the threat that it kills if it went home and introduced to the parents was habitually gotten,”. About 50 times fitted and the head two wins string, that is the one’s real younger brother, when being more the bassist of this Straigth according to his claim burst the hips, arm, and thigh by the condition where it suffers the confinement in the studio and the bruise got. Presently, it was known as the numerous threat and with get the spiritual treatment as the trauma due to violence one. Boldly, the Masseumdeu Ri to the parents the threat is done habitually the harmers are the smoked meat level additionally, as to He, “although the mother saw the hurt with the bruise appearing on my body, the fear appeared on the threat and it was afraid and I was unable to tell this fact to the mother” ” our members were having the child abuse and violation of civil rights including violence threat, and etc. continuouslyIt could not help being Ji poor and standing and buying and was the tear the Heul Ri. The hear of the relevant news netizens are raising the netizens voice. The netizens are ” child violence. The child violence ” (wnwl****) and ” harmer and man aiding and abetting has to be all made arrest to the minority sleep. 2. ” (bloo****) “… is it one in which it has been being altogether assaulted with the minority with the member in band” one which it cuts off completely the victim doesn’t happen is right(dlsk****) Isn’t it attempted murder suitable person to chock when being the child abuse which the, “surely it is punished over the crime which the bad adult… is defeated” (sea7****),” is clear? It is the band which I support but the value is really nervous. It is the work where there cannot be to this way be bloodily trod when our children helped please, it got together so that 6 children who there is a lot of… dream could install the music, the negative reaction of ” (ooj0****) back is shown. In the meantime, the insistence that this Straigth suffered the violence and threat from the agency media line more was proposed. According to the news, these Straigth members were habitually more assaulted to Yeongil Moon PD for 3 years. And the Kim Changhwan president was known to overlook this.
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