The triumph · Yuhye circle and… second day ‘refuse to answer’ till the embrace photo in the love affair


While the love affair of the group big bang member triumph and new actor Yuhye circle becomes a subject of discussion, the either side doesn’t reveal the second day position and the public interest is risen. Taiwan medium ET today posed the photo, and etc. inserted in the Instagram of the victory and Yuhye circle the love affair of 2 people against as the evidence on 19th. It was the report that the context that 2 people are love passionately for 1 year is diffusing around the domestic on-line community, and etc. The embrace photo of the woman and triumph presumed at the Yuhye won appeared. The triumph and Yuhye circle attached the photograph which china medium Sina entertainment is embracing in Netherlands one in front of hotel and it reported the love affair. This day wi agency YG entertainment didn’t reveal the official position. The Yuhye circle agency morning star party entertainment installed “it is confirming from the person”. However, the either side has the shape that doesn’t put out the sure position about the passionate love of 2 people the next day until morning and that curiosity for the whether it is true or not is being stirred up.
source : [, 2018/10/20 10:29:42]