“till not pit threat”…’The big picture family ‘park Chan-ho’ flying side kick case ‘ reminiscence


The whole baseball player Park Chan-ho who is 1 number major-leaguer Korean revealed the details of ‘the flying side kick case’. Park Chan-ho appeared on SBS variety program ‘the big picture family’ broadcasted p.m. 6 on 20th 25 minute and the fight scene reminiscences which the Major League activity happens the middle of the game at that time was confessed in 1999. Cha In-pyo was well active in this day broadcasting as “if it is the difficult question, it doesn’t need to give an answer” ” baseball player and the controversy increasing by ‘ flying side kick case ‘ was caused. At that time, shimseu Cho rub gadeon wrote the question. All Haet the flying side kick Park Chan-ho wages the quarrel against the opponent Anaheim Angels pitcher team Belcheo tagging me among the first base geting on base at that time with LA Dodgers positionHowever Park Chan-ho got this after threat very much even when being “the fact Korean were awfully pleasant than they won 1 victory”. It threatened till American pits. In the threatening letter, it was written till the detail called ‘the bullet can be avoided’ and looked back. After that, the place which ” this after is dark was unable to be well gone. It wanted to be the porridge, American the anthropophobia underwent me all and it confessed and the regrettable mind was aroused.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735839.htm, 2018/10/20 20:18:34]