“also, the likely winner”…’It is the Syo U.S. 777′ napple. The Gimhyoeun x degree talent is broken.


It won a victory in the Gimhyoeun and contest in which the wrapper Nappeulla which was selected as ‘likely winner’ and is getting the attention made the axe featuring stand and which decorates the splendid stage. The great interest leans to the activity which Nappeulla will open in ‘the Syomideo money 777’ in the future. Nappeulla opened ‘it bites’ stage in the cable channel Mnet ‘the Syomideo money 777 (Tteurippeulsebeun)’ main track first contest broadcasted p.m. 11 on 19th. In this day broadcasting, the final first contest stage which gets to go into the semifinals and chooses 6 higher ranks was revealed. The Gimhyoeun of DIP flow & shamelessness team and Ri was seen among the stage parade of the capable wrappers, the interest of the world was focused on the contest of the & Seu wings team Nappeulla. It rose to ‘XXL’ stage and Gimhyoeun spread the wrapping where there is the charisma to the peculiar bass voice. When the axe revealed shape with the featuring, then the large-scale shout of the spectators had been exploding. The enthusiastic reaction these was dragged out with the splendid stage manner. However, the honor of the victory, as to 406 tickets returned largely to Nappeulla to 354 tickets, 52 ticket differences. There was no featuring, it rose to the Bumbaep bit tune ‘it bites’ stage and the great capability was boasted and Nappeulla overwhelmed the whole assembly. The audience wagged the hand with up and down and it responded to his great stage. The producers had the heated competition in the team finals on the air last month in order to bring Nappeulla. “it put everything on the line” that swing is worm-eaten the love call was sent. The shamelessness was praised to “the resurrection of Ttuppak”, it lived in American Pasadena by the overseas Korean wrapper and the Nappeulla which is 1992 the former was active based on LA (los Angeles). The label MKIT RAIN is established along with the blue is active in LA (Bloo) and rupee (Loopy) which and Korea and U.S.A is come and is gone and it is active. The eyes is concentrated into the rap ability which each time is amazing to the pass of the Rappeulla evoking the producer and admiration of the public as well as the cast.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735843.htm, 2018/10/21 00:00:03]