At that time, meet the Lee, Yi Moonse…16 album and Myeongban 新 still.


At that time, entirely the sensibility and fascination of the person unique were maintained and the sense which the trendy installs was exquisitely put together. It will be possible. However, it completed incredibly. The Lee, Yi Moonse came back to 16 familly. The Lee, Yi Moonse held 16 album ‘the BeTwin earth (BETWEEN US)’ commemoration of sale music hall in the Yongsan gu two years elder blue square chaos hole p.m. 3 on 22nd. The Lee, Yi Moonse which opens the music hall of the door with the photo time hesitantly after doing the greeting simply seemed to find the original place after sat on the table of the radio booth concept reminding of DJ days. He explained “DJ was prolonged and it not would better do with the feel which it introduces my album and it prepared in this way”. And the music hall was filled with the warm voice. The Lee, Yi Moonse wrote down the glasses naturally when the music hall started on a full scale. Regardless it gave with the host Kyongrim Park that it is the long fan of the Lee, Yi Moonse or it got, it did and the album recording songs were introduced. The Son Woochung, the Lee, Yi Moonse cooperated with the majority juniors including the dog’s nose, monkey, and etc. in the album this time. As in album title, one which It becomes the between in which it makes the music together is really meaningful He. The tune opening to the public was connected beginning with the tune ‘for us’ (the Feat. Son Woochung) of the name like the album and title song ‘it is faint’ (the Feat. Haze). The warm sensibility of the skilled Lee, Yi Moonse and voice digested the rhythm and melody which the trendy installs to the public nicely. The Lee, Yi Moonse selected the junior singer to be cooperated with ‘blind’ way. The number of the tune which would like to be together after there was no any information, it received proposal for the tune of 200 tunes of medicine had been being reduced. The Lee, Yi Moonse confessed to concentrate energy the most troubles in order to digest ‘it is faint’. The He “when there was the trouble about the Ga which will how express the tunes which the rhythm approaching strangely and trendy of the melody install so that the profit tax can Seureop and practice” explained. It had been searching and to be always new. It was not one that it follows the trend and in order to the trendy install, it made an effort. ‘the music to like you is in my album’ is not and it would like to speak as ‘like this music’ to the older generations. All Bahyeot I it thinks the tune the older generation installing the trendy has to be held upThe desire of the famous singer is really modest with the debut in 40. The Lee, Yi Moonse will be good if it was the relationship of ” (with the album tunes the type of Korean porcelain with a translucent) one-for-one. ‘the mind will be good if it of a person can operate’ made the album into the ingenuous mind. If the tune was alone held up with the earphone in the space of empty one, the small wind toward the music fan to listen the album this time tunes it will be good was expressed. The Lee, Yi Moonse regularity 16 album ‘the BeTwin earth’ is revealed to the issue and every kind of music site after 15 album ‘the new direction’s brought out as about, in 3, the new regular album of the half last April 2015 this day at 6 p.m. The album this time is released come in the early December LP.
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