EXID is narrow. The second film for mantissa life is started with ‘the mask king of singer’.


It was narrow with the hyperthyroidism of the group EXID stopping all activities, the successful return was taken with MBC variety program ‘the mask king of singer’ on December, 2016. There was the interregnum of the year 2. However, the time was ashamed. The capability which improves more and more to be narrow was boasted and second film for mantissa life was notified in advance. It appeared as ‘the Dongmakgol girl’ on ‘the mask king of singer’ which is broadcasted on 21st to be narrow and 6 straight victories were gathered. It thought much if He would better greet wherewith when He had to return, He broke silence. After that, it added “because of receiving first the love which is abundant by ‘ mask king of singer ‘, in order to say greetings by this, it stopped at the stage” “because It could become unexpectedly the king of singer, it was so happy and thanked”. After all, all Heullyeot the tear it is deeply moved the sol which it rises to the stage of about 2 years In last July, EXID agency banana incubation entertainment told his comeback news. Also it said in V live ‘the voice season 2 of the brush magnetism’ broadcasting directly, “the hormone value of the hypertension came back normally” “there said be a little the recurrence risk but it was completely cured” to be narrow. The hyperthyroidism diagnose was gotten on December, 2016 to be narrow. The agency revealed “it was narrow, it had fever and many symptoms including the exophthalmos, and etc. were displayed and the precision checkup against was immediately hit in order to not give beating everyone anxiety. When the diagnose was finally gotten,” at that time. After that, it told to be “the headquarters of a party judged when the recruitment of the brush magnetism was the first priority” “one which sells out the rest on the withdrawal the treatment to be narrow”. The steady treatment was gotten for the return which is fast if after was narrow. The agency imparted the condition of the brush magnetism and recovery lapse to the fans continuously. The worry of the fans was taken out such as there was the concern in some people to drop out of the group in his news about fighting against disease but it participated in EXID album record to be narrow and communicating with the fans through V live, etc. Home and abroad are come and are gone and the real activity the second half of this year is planning to be spread with the start point to be narrow. It is expected that EXID can see the aspects of 5 people integers after long interval. The management company told to be “the plan EXID resuming the domestic activity with the new album farthest within this year”. It was invited to three Chajeon of ‘2,018 Shinhan bank MYCAR KBO post season’ semi-playoff of the nexen heroes which the brush, finishing the successful come back stage as ‘the mask king of singer’ today, (22 days) is performed at Seoul Kocheok sky-dome at 6:30 p.m. and Hanwha Eagles to the person who throws the commencement ball.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735898.htm, 2018/10/22 10:29:58]