Geesu Shin underweight dispute rumbling of sea · childcare problem exposing one’s thoughts.”It would like to sleep.


The actor Geesu Shin revealed 39kg underweight and the feeling according to the problem of the childcare was confessed. At last 21st, the number of the Shinji provided the rhyme on its own SNS with the wedding dress picture by the horse called “the weight was 37-8 kilograms usually”. After that, if the time appears in these days when being so busy, it would like to have a meal comfortably and He wants to sleep. Especially every day exhausted with the childcare was mentioned, saying that if one was selected, the sleep was selected. In addition, after the child is born I drain the time going to the restroom and there is no time falling in the eighth in the product. What, almost, the presumption of the situation. A day 24 hour could not help being altogether poured to the child it provided a key. Finally, it finished with the rumbling of sea according to the negative response of the last placard catalog, saying that it was “anyway, (underweight) pride is not and it is these days which it communicates the childcare in the mind which would like to get the comfort and sympathy”. Geesu Shin one reason is this mention due to SNS post which He posted. He revealed 39kg weight previously and the ment called “the diet the trifling it delivers” “the principle 63 kiloes are not” was posted. “in 63 kiloes the Eo time?” to the netizen in this He “the diet the trifling Irani” “this is not kind of corset” sends the look.
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