‘it is the meal bless’ Songeun “it would like to invite to the bulletproof Boy Scouts and guest”


The meaning that the gagwoman Songeun would like to invite the bulletproof Boy Scouts to ‘it is the meal bless’ guest was revealed, the cable channel olive ‘2,018 F/W it is the meal bless’ press conference progressed in the Seoul yangchun-gu mok-dong loft garden 34,410 floor main hole with 22 with the day at 4 p.m. In this day meeting, as to direction, Enyeong Hwang takes charge PD, Hwachung Choi, 2 jas, and did songeun who attend, Kim Sook and ambitious undertaking kite attended? The consideration explanation ‘ all shows 2,018 F/W ‘podcast’ Songeun causes the trivial life adhesion type consideration ‘it sympathizes together with the way of the sister’ customized food ‘the consoled new concept food T Pick’ ink-stick the privacy protection ‘it is delivered to the collaboration in the whole country’ of the Kim Sook is ambiguous it is the meal blessIn ” beauty salon, this day Kim Sook sees the idol much. When it suffers at dawn and the make-up against is hit. Vaughn put up our broadcast all well and it wanted to allow once as the guest, the trouble of “the rhyme is taken off. And” idol was listened and the idea that it would better recommend got and eaten one was said. The bulletproof Boy Scouts was much talked to this in ” broadcasting which is the eulogy. The bulletproof Boy Scouts wanted to be taken and it took mention and attracted attention. In the meantime, the food T Pick ‘2,018 F/W it is the meal bless’ is planning to be broadcasted in the olive on the coming 25th at 9 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735958.htm, 2018/10/22 17:46:25]