‘rampancy’ · ‘blades of grass’ · ‘the perfect others’, in the end of October, the opening movie


3 movies visited in the end of October theater district which enjoys the coloring of the late fall while the chilly wind booms attract. It is the story of the Jojinung starring ‘the perfect others’ which it makes Hyun Bin Chang Donggeon starring ‘rampancy’, Minhui Kim starring ‘blades of grass’, and harmfulness. The appreciation point of ‘rampancy’ ‘blades of grass’ ‘the perfect others’ was arranged. ◆ Hyun Bin and Chang Donggeon and action and smile ‘rampancy’ (the supervision Kim Sunghun · manufacture Ri amount film movie company ear boil) is the action work drawn the desperate struggle of the prince confusion which the mountain person comes back to the world in which ‘the Yae ear’ in which the dead is not runs rampant and Joseon of the crisis (hyun Bin) and (the Chang Donggeon) which it gives the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon. It is having the unsealing a period ahead on 25th. All Moeun the interest with the getting back together of the Kim Sunghun director recruiting about 7.81 million audience by the coordination ‘ and actor Hyun Bin Moreover, the expectancy is added in that it is the meeting of selected Hyun Bin and Chang Donggeon. All strings the meterial it can explain as the Korean edition ‘zombie’ called ‘the Yae ear’ the attention ‘rampancy’ production crew is the rumor that it made the Yae ear the realism overflowing into the special makeup which it considers till the kidney of Joseon Dynasty people and teeth state and skin change in the course where it is mutated. In addition, it poured heart and soul into one motion in order to make. The Kim Sunghun supervision revealed in the press conference after the press distribution trade show opening at last 17th “because of when like to make the film for amusement movie where there is the action, if it could enjoy as the mind in which the audiences were light and which is pleasant, it will be good”. ◆ 22 number feature length film ‘blades of grass’ (the supervision Sangsu Hong · manufacture film production Wonsa Jeon) meets the audience from 25th when being Sangsu Hong director · Minhui Kim 5 the number the breathing ‘blades of grass’ Sangsu Hong director new work. All Geuryeot the talk of the man ‘blades of grass’ having the talk in the cafe with the alley not the woman span of both arms (the Minhui Kim) which observes them and records the idea It is black and white movie. And the story including the daily conversation, love, death, and etc. is connected to the work continuously. The movie centered the attention of the world from the manufacture in that it was the fifth breathing of Sangsu Hong director who is under widespread criticism with the scandal every day and actor Minhui Kim. The smoke of Minhui Kim observing the dialogue of the personas is impressive. It is so beautiful it pours out to Minhui Kim of Chinyeong Chung. It is extraordinary, the praise of the back feels the eye line of the supervision. ◆ the movie ‘the perfect others’ which the outstanding actors including Chunga Yum Geesu Kim eulogy Ha gloss, it makes the Jojinung ether which it makes the secret ‘the perfect others’ actor harmfulness of the cellphone situation everybody and etc. appears a lot (the supervision suffering Gyu · manufacture film monster), from 31st, all Chaneun the theater district Italy comedy movie ‘the perfect strange’ (the supervision Paolo geno Bezier) was remaked. All greens the unpredictable talk which the perfect others ‘ happens due to the game which has to open the call letters, and etc. come on during the limited time from the couple meeting which seems to be perfect to the cellphone compulsorily While the long friends revealed the cellphone, the content that the secret which it is unable to imagine yet is uncovered was included. As to jaegyu Lee director, the media ” Korea seems to be developed in the opening speech distribution trade show than any kind of country at last 16th. It became the world which there was no smart phone, it cannot go on living. The most ridiculous talk wanted to be done with the nearest talk, it hoped that “***” audience watched the movie and it was comforted about the life with the rumination and the planning intention was explained.
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