The authenticity of ‘blind date’ article talents? …’The line tea room 2′ and Danmyeo② of the reality


‘love’ is the most matter of concern. It is the rightful work to do the vicarious satisfaction through the program in which the viewer deals the love. There was a lot the reality program dealing this subject matter so far. However, “when it is different from the different program” the favorable comment was dominant to the cable channel TvN ‘the line tea room’. There was due to be the special fascination of this program in one in which ‘the line tea room’ could come back to the season 2. This spring people blind date program was the mind of the viewer excited and the strong wind was brought. ‘observation’ and ‘reality’, that is the article talents trend, was combined recently and the changed love pipe of young boys and girls came the mind of the audience true. If ‘cutting’ of ‘mother’s friend’s son’ ‘perfect girl who is my mother’s friend’s daughter’ making a boast of ‘high-spec’ was drawn on the appearance in which the general programming channels channel A ‘the heart signal’ and cast of SBS ‘the romance package’ are outstanding, ‘the line tea room’ for, the acreage that it stimulated the consensus was connected to the story of the common cast seeing easily in our around. The viewers point out ‘being familiar’ and ‘authenticity’ as the large-scale fascination of ‘the line tea room’ all together. “the line tea room of do I apply?” between 2,040 generationsThe conversation to be easily listened. It is the evidence to the contrary that the story of ‘the line tea room’ cast is felt like ‘my story’ to the majority. There were and a lot of these having the awareness of unity as the chance when the common people like I are fair and Jeom that it appears through the application in vain. “‘ line tea room 2’ appearance offer was gotten” received the giving information from the majority readers recently. As to the performer casting method of the coverage result ‘the line tea room 2’, the Instagram, including, SNS (the social relationship network service), internet community, face to faceness, and etc. was various. It is the mind regretful of the audience or part which causes to feel dejected. It was naturally this which drew the mouth of man and woman the line tea room ‘***’ is ordinary ‘, recently, mouth of man and woman which ‘, recently, the love pipe of the youths and matter of concern, trivial mistake of this, s and etc. and sees immersed. It was the transfer of registration induction better and the warm love advice of your star including Sehyeong Yang Yoon foil, and etc. emitted light. The organization where it seems to peep into the blind date of the friend is charming. However, the dot that it claimed to stand for the format that it draws the reality program and marriage meeting of common young boys and girls and it managed the program with the deliberate casting was not the large-scale disappointment long to the viewer. Because of being ‘our story’, the love was revealed but it was realize this, moreover, ‘the league of them’ of another meaning. The culture critic drawing the late wood the authenticity, thanks to this, all Kkeureot ‘ line tea room ‘ the popularity The meterial called ‘love’ is the common matter of concern. The current response the disappointment cannot help getting the empathy rightly the direction of the production crew said be realize involved it is one this program with is sympathized toward “***” authenticity the fresh feel is gotten it did the popularity was lost it was pointed out in the authenticity lack because of that, the majority love program was in the pastIt evaluated. After that, the planning of the producing team that it is ” variety program and intervention cannot help being included. Because of that, the side going overboard is in one itself having the fantasy called ‘truly’. It pointed out as the right attitude ” of the viewer to look coolly rather than it was excessively immersed keeping distance always. In addition, because of being the matter of concern in which one called ‘ love ‘ is common, if the viewer is disappointed, it disappeared and the program of the same meterial is again created. It looked ahead to be one ” which it repeats as this pattern went around the frame of a sieve.
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