‘the grace of Empress’ of PDX steam Sun precious stone writer recommending ‘return’ leadership Are you how?


Take off 11 month veils which SBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ comes. All Moeun the interest the producer recommending the leadership among these in the center of the drama ‘return’ situation and Soonoak Kim writer making the audience rating myth of the mad drama meets Ace PD catching the megaphone of the current work up to informed many these of the name on the occasion of the crisis called ‘return’ shooting discontinuation in last Feburary. The production crew caused the star Hyunchung Ko and discord at that time. This discord was unable to be overcome and the shooting was stopped. While after star was replaced of Chinhui Park, the drama ended safely but ace PD could not break away from every kind of rumor and speculation. That He finds about, in just 8 months, Soonoak Kim author and hand and it comes back to TV again. The steam author visited ‘the flesh, there is the sister’ ‘my daughter and gold thread month’ ‘. It is the star writer doing the hit as the Bori Jang ‘ Temptation Of Wife ‘ back. It is the very person giving the wicked woman of the uncommonness birth to many as ‘the flesh, there is the sister’ in SBS last year. While the colorful character appears in the current work, the expectation for the steam Sun precious stone table villain is rising. These who have the Deung strong acting ability if Nara Jang, Choi Chinhyeok, divinity rock, and tooth cut out in the grace ‘ of the Empress appear. The situation where the god’s blessing Jjeum bear the debt problem among these gives the appearance on the stage news and many these attentionses are being concentrated It is the matter of concern if ‘the grace of Empress’ have the several dispute shows any kind of appearance to the audience. Meantime, ‘the grace of Empress’ gave of the regrettable news at last 19th. One in which Chungtae Kim notifying ‘the successive generations class’ villainous role in advance with the horse Ju station, that is the confidant, when being the ones right-hand man of the sulphurizing agent Leehyeok (the divinity rock) among the pole gets the diagnosis of cancer and which gets off In ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’, yoonchoo who this role is Yoo, plays an active part as the role joins in the successor. The next increases the story which the conviviality liveliness musical actor which It becomes Cinderella suddenly one day and marries to Emperor confronts the absolute power of the palace and fights and destroys Imperial Household and finds the love and hapiness which ‘the grace of Empress’ broadcasted to ‘thoracic surgery’ subsequent settles down before due to the mother of the great king murder case.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735916.htm, 2018/10/22 14:43:52]