The half of prize winner the agent reception The best picutre award ‘burning’


“it seems to be seen that today is a little bit lonesome.” Junhwan Jang director receiving the director’s award for the movie ‘1987’ told in this way. The 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival which is held in Seoul Sejong Cultural Center on 22nd was the awards ceremony which is lonesome than this any other time. As to this day best picutre award, the movie ‘burning’ got. It was the best differential to the person but Lee Changdong director was absent due to American constant. Besides, the prize winners of the major part including the award for the supporting actor, and etc. were absent from the event and it gave to be bitter. Like this, one DaeJong Film Festival was unable to remove the agent reception the increase that it is the half awards ceremony this year. ‘burning’ manufacturer Lee, Yi Dongjun representative rose to the stage instead of Lee Changdong director. He revealed “there were a lot of the movies which ‘ construction ‘ is great with this year ‘1,987’ ‘. When there was lots of great one and ‘ burning ‘ receives among this Wa and the independent movie is happy,” the acceptance speech. After that, it is the movie of which ” fact this film had a lot of the obstacles. It was trying to crank in 2016 but the year 1 was delayed by the various reasons and it got to do in 2017. In this process, all actors and staffs trusted nearly as it is and it waited and the movie could be made and they told to inspect. As to the best actor award, lee, Yi Sungmin of ‘construction’ and Chungmin Hwang was commonly suspicious. I and 3 people went up Lee, Yi Sungmin with ” Chungmin Hwang Ssi and Jojinung Ssi to the candidate. The mood was very strange and the nervous impression was revealed. After that, the star is truly Chungmin of ” fact movie and I don’t have one particularly. Chungmin spoon-feeded the rice with the cochleare amplum. It thanked you really and the witty impression was done and the cheer was gotten. Chungmin Hwang was absent from this day event and Chongbean Yoon director received the agent. As to the best actress award, na Moonhui of ‘the iCan speak’ got. Na Moonhui was absent from this day awards ceremony due to the shooting. The prize was gotten after ” newcomer director’s award after long interval and Junhwan Jang director receiving the director’s award for ‘1987’ didn’t know whether in this way, Junhwan Jang was heavy. The large-scale heavy was felt and it told. After that, the thankfulness was imparted to the staff and actor who is together in ‘1987’. In the meantime, on the 55th DaeJong Film Festival film festival senses of frustration were expressed. As to supervisior Jang, ” DaeJong Film Festival film festival is very deep-rooted as 55 times. However, it rooted to it seemed to be seen to be a little bit lonesome, did you grow as the tree which is bigger as the depth of “***” this root, grow more as the large axis Je today and it said and received applause? As to man and woman award for the supporting actor, the high (late) Choohyeok Kim of the movie ‘supervising’ and rare book kite was side by side suspicious. Seokjun Kim executive director of this day NamooActors is already one anniversary of death of (the Ji in which Choohyeok Kim passes away) if he is ” next week. The words of the thank of was likely to be given the actors that shared in being the friend which there was a lot of the consideration usually and instead, the acceptance speech was revealed. Presently, the company president instead of attending the awards ceremony with the rare book kite can thank the trusting director and staff and actor. The words that it thanks Choohyeok Kim senior of was given and especially, instead, the ago installed. As to man and woman Rookie of the Year award, dami Kim of the Igaseop of ‘the seed of the violence’ and ‘witch’ got. The Igaseop “it did to make the good film while filming movie and it did and loves much and the good prize seems to be gotten in this way” told. The shot Ji year 1 passed by Dami Kim. It remembers much still then. This memories grazed now and it seemed to pass, it seemed to be the movie which it will be unable to forget the lifetime and the movie called “***” ‘witch’ revealed the impression. Under the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival prize winner (work) list best picutre award = ‘burning’ (lee Changdong supervision) best actor award = Chungmin Hwang · Lee, Yi Sungmin (‘ construction ‘) best actress award = Na Moonhui (‘ iCan speak ‘) director’s award = Junhwan Jang (‘1987’) best supporting actor award = high (late) Choohyeok Kim (‘ supervising ‘) best supporting actress award = rare book kite (‘ supervising ‘The little princess who the Woori bank star look = realization special award the = the high (late) Choohyeok Kim award of best costume the = the ancestor Jjeum · Nari Sohn (‘ Ilnang ‘) fine art dealer the = Ilhyun Park (‘ construction ‘) scenario look the = the ago which the) newcomer actor look = Igaseop (the seed ‘ of ‘ violence) newcomer actress look = Dami Kim (‘ witch ‘) new director award = ago is pretty is prettyThe) music award = Sakamoto Ryu reason (‘ Namhansansong ‘) award for best film editing = Kim Hyeong state · Yangdong leaf (‘ Konjiam ‘) lights figure = stipulation the soul (‘ Namhansansong ‘) planning figure = this friendship (‘1987’) award for photography = Geeyung Kim (‘ Namhansansong ‘) technical = battle formation Jong-hyun (‘- causality kite along with the god’)
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