The Kim Sohyun and ‘Eondeonaintin’ boarding house, surprisingly, the visit…’The unlike other people affection ‘


The actor Kim Sohyun visited ‘Eondeonaintin’ boarding house surprisingly. MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ production crew revealed that Kim Sohyun which gets to take care of MC of the program visited the boarding house surprisingly on 22nd. It had for consolation snack so that the hour was broken up among the busy schedule and the preliminary stones for could be rooted and the Kim Sohyun didn’t cherish the visit and cheer according to the production crew. “‘ Eondeonaintin ‘ participant cheer came back from the Kim Sohyun through the formal SNS channel at last 21st. Be altogether encouraged. The studio can meet. All Kkeureot the attention the message of the support toward the participants at the teenager of is given the nice stage will be expectedThe Kim Sohyun which is being previously active in the various field including the drama and movie, and etc. gives of the news about ‘Eondeonaintin’ MC joining. As much as it is the audition program the first teenager single MC, the role that it understands the mind of the participants than someone well be expected to be done. ‘Eondeonaintin’ is the teenager-only audition program which the vocal and rap, performance each the part much 19 the people, and total 57 people of participants have together. 57 start into the bona fide competition with the camp participants at ‘Eondeonaintin’ are spurring the preparation captivating the masses of people with the appearance which it is creative with the versatile talent. The crush is narrow including MC Kim Sohyun. As to ‘Eondeonaintin’, in which the star director corpses will give birth to the best teenager Idol group till the dynamic duo, Super Juniors Eunhyeok, and Sanghun Hwang come November 3rd is broadcasted.
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