‘the mask king of singer Bamppang Wang’ and king of singer accession to the throne… He, truly, the congestion?


In MBC ‘the mask king of singer’, one luxury goods vocalist appears and the public attention is leaning. His name ‘bamppang Wang’ The interest of the audiences is received in one body as the tone color which the appeal which is contrary to a bit cute nickname (?) is dense and emotional modeling delicate. Bamppang Wang interrupted 5 straight victories of the singer brush magnetism in broadcasted MBC variety program ‘the mask king of singer’. The new king of singer seat was occupied at last 21st. All Ssodat the electric charge the bow of the thank to the audience the tear the face is opened the brush standing by the seat of so far 5 share series king of singer the mask is taken offOne of which the interest about Bamppang Wang preventing the endless rush of the brush magnetism among these is becoming larger All Moat the interest Bamppang Wang soaring up from 1 round The admiration of the whole assembly was evoked, Bamppang Wang selected ‘in dream’ of the exhibit with the peculiar voice in which it is added to be husky in the masculine inside stimulating the woman’s heart in 1 stage. The minute emotional modeling was praised along with the stable utterance the Cho Janghyeok “at the moment when paying the sound at the looks of the common model student, it have to do the special in which the trepidation comes up” seeing the stage of one Bamppang Wang. In the second opinion stage, ‘beaten’ of the singer Imjae tiger was called. The casts expressed the concern about selecting ‘beaten’, that is the karaoke parlor banned song 1 (?) tune of the men. However, this kind of concern was nothing but the unfounded fears. The deep lingering imagery his who is delicate even when being powerful song was left to the audiences of the audiences. To praise the round shape which listens the song “it is yellow and is the technician” “the envy appears”. The cored bar line seems to reach. It became the captive of Bamppang Wang and the captive said and the place was made into the scene of boisterous laughter. He preventing the run alone of the sol magnetism standing by 5 weeks series king of singer seat is looking forward with different any kind of stage afterward if the sumptuousness orders the public eye and ear. In addition, the attention which there is a lot of on identity of Bamppang Wang is leaning. The person who is being most the most powerfully talked the singer Kim Yungchin In several on-line site, and etcs as well as ‘the mask king of singer’ gallery, it is the situation where the Kim Yungchin is being mentioned as the influence person. The several netizens is guessing to the hero of the new king of singer by the reason that the tone color of Bamppang Wang is similar to the Kim Yungchin. In the meantime, the Kim Yungchin which the world of singers formal makes debut as ‘Soul mate’ album gotten the love which is abundant by ‘spring day’, that is the SBS TV show ‘spring day’ OST.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735918.htm, 2018/10/22 14:18:27]