“the mighty fandom”… new yeast W and business image selection of ‘the click Star Wars’ this month


If there is the fascination of my idol that I am know. The business image sends up my idol on ‘the click Star Wars’ and advertise to the subway display panel for free. As to this second opinion hero, the group new yeast W occupied. Ppop, it is the event which is and commemorates PD of the click Star Wars ‘of’ this month ‘the business image (one which makes the image putting the fascination of one’s idol and the other men discover the fascination of the star) is intended’ PR Video ‘the next year is held with the abbreviation’ 2,018 k pop Deoppaekteu star awards ‘ (tentative name). The click Star Wars ‘the second opinion prize winner selecting on 19th beats of the group new yeast W’ Mangomingineo only is the making business image. The nickname of the new yeast W the member individuals and attractive feature was explained and it was selected for the first place of ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’. The business image of the new yeast W is screened at the subway 2 line 43 alteration until October 29th a week come from October 23rd. Ppop, it is PD of this month and if it is the fan like the idol, it is someone or event taking part. The charming photograph of the star that I like or the image (the size 1,204*768) can be put in 20 seconds. Upload in ‘the click Star Wars’ in site business image bulletin board. If it closes applications in every month on 16th and the third weeks are announced on Friday, Deung is done through the internal judgment with 1, the business image making directly is screened at the subway 2 line 43 alteration for a week for free. Hit and against the rainbow Byeol 1,000. If it is chosen as the business image, especially the honor of which the image is put on the screen within ‘2,018 k pop Deoppaekteu star awards’ main event Jang held the beginning of next year can be born. It is applicable in case the star of the business image receives the major prize. Here, it is registered as the candidate in ‘the fan PD look’ (tentative name) developing the best business image. The business image selected in every month is gathered and it votes again and the best business image is selected and ‘the fan PD look’ is planning to be presented. It doesn’t need to miss to not be selected for the business image. Select 4 people additionally and present the rainbow Byeol 1,000. When voting in ‘the click Star Wars’, by rainbow uses or can use for the birthday market participation. It can re-participate and next month again in the business image event.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735951.htm, 2018/10/22 17:59:28]