The novel ‘the line tea room’ of the ordinary man and woman and casting system Alko Boni ①


The cool autumn wind is the side cold. It comes back to the name that the cable channel TvN ‘the line tea room’ is ‘the line tea room-fall and winter chapter (under ‘ line tea room 2′)’ and is lighting a fire in the mind of the audience once again. The marriage meeting of the ordinary man and woman and ‘cutting’ is drawn. The fact that ‘the line tea room 2’ which made ‘being familiar’ and ‘authenticity’ stand and stimulates the consensus of the viewer recruited the cast as the dozen blind date program and casting system which is not particular in fact is revealed and the eyes of the disappointment which doesn’t write is coming out. The people performers have only been wait for the appearance for the real love come in ‘the line tea room’ from the last spring at last. The people marriage meeting man and woman who as in last season resolutely the hero of ‘the line tea room-fall and winter chapter’ applies for the marriage meeting It was expected that performers which 1 can see generally in the surrounding ‘work colleague’ and ‘school senior’ back which is ordinary appeared. The plan in which the meeting will be drawn with thereforeunlike the other programs natural and appeared one as it is The egg agar seems to process each other from the start making the new relationship and the dialogue of man and woman as if it doesn’t know as here, known seems to present the anticipation and vibration to the audiences. – ‘the line tea room 2’ report material middle school ‘the line tea room 2’ runs the professional cafe which is the transfer of registration induction better and where your star cafe acquaintances including Sehyeong Yang Yoon foil, and etc. confronts. And it is the program which peeps into the marriage meeting of the people and which recently it talks the age view of love, the love pipe and on life. All casts the part called “man and woman the hero opposing the people resolutely applying for the marriage meeting” of the report material give the feel which it seems to appear as the spontaneous application, that is another intention, by the passionate will about the marriage meeting. But “‘ line tea room 2’ appearance offer was gotten” received the giving information from the majority readers recently. As to the performer casting method of the coverage result ‘the line tea room 2’, the Instagram, including, SNS (the social relationship network service), internet community, face to faceness, and etc. was various. It was various and the characters of the fond style appearance the job of the casting subject were the most from the ordinary company employee with the officer, financial designer, pension administrator, and etc. Because there was the line tea room ‘in the vicinity the police officer A Ssi revealing as the fan was ” work Bottom’ line tea room 2′ shooting and it was looking obviously in the glad mind. But one author comes, ‘ job is good and donate our program. It has nothing to do even if there is the girlfriend. It could be good-looking and did and looked back and laughed as if it were absurd. A Ssi “it was the program which it liked to watch and since the casting went on as this type, it was disappointing in fact” were unable to hide the heart feeling bitter, so called, that it confronts detail of ‘the divorced person (the single and divorced men and women coming back)’ performers was carefully drawn in 15 days broadcastings and it inspired the emotion to the viewer. The large-scale sound these containers and frank story was left to seeing thises. However, there was these appearances, the production crew engaged busily in the casting. It is the story that the matching for the applicants for ‘divorced person’ was not and ‘divorced person’ casting for ‘divorced person’ concept proceeded. ‘divorced person’ community member B Ssi received the casting relational message from ‘the line tea room 2’ writer and opened to the community. After that, “the text is erased” said receive the request from the writer. B Ssi revealed “‘ (casting) was personally requested along with the text which it asks to put on me, the excuse was and given as the mail”. As to the most Seong gloss PD, while high-spec saw that season 1 production presentation at the time ” (in the dozen blind date program) good looking men and women and high-spec rules come out and why the people would be come out, it planned. It explained as the love program ” which the friend seeing easily in the around, sister, and seniors can come out without limit. It was expected, saying that the program was “the people marriage meeting man and woman who resolutely the hero applies for the marriage meeting like the last season” even before making this season 2 the first the broadcast that common guests appeared. Unlike the other program, it publicized to be the plan ” in which the meeting will be drawn with natural and appeared one as it is. It is ‘the line tea room 2’ walk the planning intention and contents of promotion and other pass originally. With respect to this, the production crews are realizing the casting as proceeded one altogether separately with 1 ” season and season 2, saying that it is “one the object proceeding with the marriage meeting against the applicants”. It was difficult that it knew how much it came to the applicant and casting person ratio among the actual performers, it told. ” casting says proceed and this people concerned is not all continued to the appearance. There was the casting. However, there was no at all on the difference of ‘ line tea room 2’ added carefully the actors who as in the other programs, it brought out the entering broadcast media or the object of marketing.
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