The police and warrant of arrest application against ‘the whole boyfriend it finds’ most Ssi


On the last tiger (27) Ssi warrant of arrest in which the police is waging the girl group KARA native Koo Hara (27) and the tug of war over truth against was applied. The Gangnam Seoul police station revealed and like this, Shincheonghaetda”ko explained the warrant of arrest with the charge including on ” most Ssi threat · Shanghai, and etc. on 22nd. The condition where most Ssi is previously indicted without detention for Koo Hara and mutual assault charge However, koo Hara disclosed the day when the assault incident takes place and fact that most Ssi made the sexual intercourse movie of 30 second quantities and it threatened far later and the situation was reversed. The addition accused on the 27th of last month most Ssi that it finds after of the suspicion including enforcement · threat · sex offense punishment law, and etc. Koo Hara suggested and shot and the photographer is Koo Hara and ” video doesn’t have the fact that Choi spreads the sexual intercourse video. It is refuting to send the movie to Koo Hara to be one ” which the meaning which it adjusts the relationship sends. Choi of the house and car, and etc. were seized and were searched at last second and the police secured the cellular phone of most Ssi and USB, and etc. in this. The condition where it requests the digital forensic restore to Seoul Police Agency cyber investigation squad and gets the outcome Most Ssi is called and the image circulation threat suspicion is investigated prior to and it has Koo Hara and confronted questioning at the same time and the situation is checked at last week at that time in detail. Eye and ear of the men are concentrated if how this case which it is being day by day differently changed reaches an agreement between the basic sweetheart at the assault incident till the threat and constraint.
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