Among ‘you whom the time stops’ Kim Hyun, it is possible to measure.


There was the thing which there is a lot of for 4 years with ” past. It will don’t know if the words of the apology and forgiveness to have to be asked as any kind of word. It will recompense for the little more human appearance. The singer and actor Kim Hyun middle (32) started into the return countdown. In order to play role of the star of KBS W TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the then which the time stops’ and appeal once again ‘among the actor Kim Hyun’ to the public, it turned over a new leaf. The situation where however the reaction of the domestic fans looking at him is still cold It cannot help being the cold attention ‘it has to do well’ of the public and the return of which the pressure is accompanied. Was the Kim Hyun middle the number to use the reverse drama of ‘good out of evil’ due to the current work? P.m. 2 on 23rd, in Seoul Yongdungpo-gu Times Square in Yeongdeungpo Amoris Hall, the production presentation of W TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the then which the time stops’ opened. In this day place, the Lim Haryong tin Tae making the ophthalmic rami string friendly relations with one’s neighbors attended including the case bloom PD among the actor Kim Hyun. ‘the then which the time stops’ broadcasted on the coming 24th for the first time is the fantasy romance water visiting the meaning of the life which meets the landlord fairy (ophthalmic rami string) in which the correction mistake (the minute among the Kim Hyun) who is the capable person stopping the time the design is the first of the ten celestial stems and which it settles down. This hiting against the interest which is hotter than this day someone is the Kim Hyun middle of the correction cattle disease. Because, the KBS2 ‘ deep emotion age: It was the first show after comeback which the Kim Hyun middle selects after the birth ‘ of the investment trust in 4 years. At the same time, it was due to be the seat in which it reveals shape to the official meeting for the first time after surrounded ‘serious matter’ ended. The Kim Hyun middle held the microphone with the look stiffening a bit. He had the thing which there is a lot of without reservation over 4 years. The worry and worry was caused to many people. The life will be spent with any kind of word than the word of that it will don’t know if it will have to tell, neverthless it recompenses for the acting and music with “***” the apology and forgiveness and it will recompense for the little more human looks and told. He came back to the field in “4 year, after that, He was the anticipation half fear half. The idea which I can do well got. It thought to first of all, go to the site and feel the sense of realism. The itself had the merit to me to be the pre-production. Isn’t the width of the opportunity wider? It was much surprised in the field and changed on the production of drama atmosphere was mentioned. The Tteol Eo put the start when the Kim Hyun middle gets to start again “it worried much if it was the life which didn’t have a good sale to the outside and in which ‘ I fails really” “while doing the trouble which it does if it could become happy again if it was how, the senior making the friendly relations with one’s neighbors which is in the side was fortuitously met and the good sound was much held up” the acting. The fans were and He encouraged only then. It began to be heard to speak as the family ‘ among the string. It came to consider that problem that I worried alone and that is solved was not and it added. The acting and song aren’t planning to be covered from now on and be planning to make a challenge altogether. It was the sensitive question. However, there was no number to be avoided the question toward the child. The Kim Hyun middle hung head in this, saying that it was “the mind it is the seat which it publicizes the drama and in which the question turns this side and which is sorry for the other actors” this. He is and the position without the number to see ” child. It will be not one where there is the seen chance and the situation will don’t know I without reservation what it will be right. The end which it thinks to how become or has to do the best in the right position and I can offer to “***” child has only this. It is the end which the hurt can become to this child, it would like to spare words. It spared words because of seeing now. The conflict with girlfriend Choi Ssi started 2014 years ago and at the center of dispute, previously, the Kim Hyun middle stood. One that it assaulted girlfriend most Ssi and surrounds the pregnancy about 1.6 billion won were a point of issue of the problem. The suspicion surrounding him was 2. One was Choi violence charge and another one was 1.6 billion won suits for damages surrounding the pregnancy. The problem the lawsuit for confirmation of biological child the assault incident seemed to be easily finished as the withdraw a complaint of the relative In conclusion, the child whom most Ssi produces was clarified as the one’s biological son among the Kim Hyun. And it was the fatal image damage only as the celebrity be continued boringly after suing. The Kim Hyun middle kept the answer with the attitude where there is the authenticity for the production briefing session one by one. However, the public reaction is still cold. The netizen most is the opinion that the past shocking case remains in memory still strongly. It can search so that moreover these which are unable to understand his appearance on the stage itself don’t may be easy. Was the number in which the Kim Hyun middle overcame the public cold reaction and which attempts to make a comeback once again? ‘one shot’ which can forget the powerful past case and is stronger than him is the time when it is more urgent than any other time.
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