Dingdong, 10 month…’Female and male murder ‘,’ first baseman.man ‘ can break and take care of 1.


The actor Kim gloss seat general purport Korean translation of Chinese character starring movie ‘female and male murder’ retaked the box office first place, about 37,500 yesterday audience and about 3.4342 million the accumulated audience was gathered and the re-accession to the thorne made the movie ‘female and male murder’ (the supervision Kim Taegyun · manufacture film 295) according to 23 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network to the first place of box office. After opening ‘female and male murder’ meet the audience from last third, two Wi of box office was maintained and it rose per B from 10th. All strings.’ the attention the first place is again ranked in 4 days the first place was lost to solder 한 ‘the first baseman.man’ after on 18thFemale and male murder ‘it started fire accidentally with the confined murderer Gangtaeo confessing 7 case additional murder (the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character) and movie dealing the talk of the detective Kim Hyeong civilians (kim gloss silicon dioxide flower) which believed his confession and follows the case with the motive.’The first baseman.man ‘ (the Syeo gel which the supervision A U.S. is frozen) recorded the same day audience 33,900 Yeo people (about 457,100 accumulated audience) and rose to two Wi of box office. It is ‘female and male murder’ and only 3,600 Yeo people the audience tea. ‘the first baseman.man’ is the work put the lunar landing course of the astronaut Neal Armstrong (ryan gosling) challenging the world which is unable to experience the no. 11 story and someone through the child pole with the chronology order in 1969. The lively reappearance of the space and access like the documentary are impressive. This month theater district is calling the audience together so that there is no strong competition, it can be quiet. While the unsealing of ‘the perfect others’ back is expected on 25th on 31st with ‘rampancy’ ‘blades of grass’, all eyes is focused if really how the spirit of ‘female and male murder’ and ‘the first baseman.man’ flows. As to the same day ‘venom’, the audience 22,200 Yeo people (about 474,800 accumulated audience) and ‘the star Ijeu sees’ showed the audience 9,800 Yeo people (about 277,500 accumulated audience) and 23,900 Yeo people (about 3.6963 million accumulated audience) and ‘the Miss white’ succeeded after of ‘the first baseman.man’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736001.htm, 2018/10/23 09:48:36]