… Gangseo-gu PC room murder case volatility grows bigger in Lee Sang-Min. ★ ‘fury’


While ‘gangseo-gu PC room murder case’ family of suspect which stabs with the weapon and murders the victim with the unkind reason bloodily, as to the fact that it submitted the melancholia diagnosis Seo is the commutation conveyed by the purpose, 0 minutes of the public are becoming larger. Because the stars that are being among these in the entertainment world are holding the voice in which it criticizes the suspect Sungsu Kim of the relevant case on SNS in reverence, many interests are leaning. Although at last 22nd, over the singer Min is ” body and mind feebleness and how the psychiatric test presentation of… suspect Sungsu Kim says appear in its own SNS, for that, the reason absolutely. Only “***”, so, the painter I can tell determinedly The men who overcame the panic disorder · anxiety disorder · sleep and live life to the full stopped more, the portrait of the suspect Sungsu Kim was uploaded with the writing of the content. In the variety program which previously, over Min lives as a widow, previously, over Min reveals “when the panic disorder medicine is still taken and there is”. The writing which the same day singer volatility seems to criticize the suspect was written. The volatility “the depression, manic-depressive insanity, insomnia, and borderline personality disorder of the Jo Hyeon bottle, still, I the Ing” published the meaningful article. After that, ” I to gets to be bloodily done harm some time ago whether it is the someone. Or not. It had been getting better continuously and “***” is getting better and really as to I, is the bottle where that has to receive the sympathy for the absurd action or benefit hit in fact? I lived as one pleases, it added. It is not only this. The stars that there is a lot of last 17th in which Gangseo-gu PC room murder case begins to get attention previously throw out the voice of the criticism. The Ochang seat wrote the writing called “the friend younger cousin got to move toward the heaven” “in order to get the referee of the law of which the suspect taking the life having no trouble away with yours signature is upright, by all means, help”. Blue House national petition placard catalog and link was added, saying that it was “the victim of the younger cousin of the friend this case” which it gives Kim dragon. “‘ which is the mountain is good. It is good. Eating even if the man is struck to death. The need of the suspect intensification of punishment was emphasized with the text body and mind feebleness ‘ # harsh punishment # to was agreed. In the meantime, it is the case in which the thirties customer murders the part-timer in Gangseo-gu’s one PC room with the weapon bloodily.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736018.htm, 2018/10/23 12:04:04]