Is the eyes it takes off the veil circle and the third jackpot which possible?


The third ‘produce’ series excavates idol and girl group eyes circle (the IZ*ONE member winning the first place in the state examination the soul, Miyawaki sakura, Yoori Cho, most example or Ahn Yoochin, Yae sub key Naco, Eunbee Kwon, Kang Hyewon, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., Chaewon Kim, Minchoo Kim, and conspicuous color kite) which revealed the debut album track list and it came out on the real debut preparation. It has the child OR person and the third project idol eyes won after wanna circle. Was the number to draw one stroke in these moreover the world of singers along the reputation of the seniors like the glittering stars suppressing simultaneously the world of singers with the debut? The special expectancy and interest was being collected, HN S A worth of Q taking care of PR of 23 days eyes circle revealed the track list of these debut album ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ). According to the revealed track list, the track No. 1 opening the gunport of ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ) is ‘the beautiful color’. The O’My beginning with this(the Oh ‘ Ma) the, ‘la Vie En Rose’ (La Vie en Rose), ‘the secret time’, ‘it asks well in the future’ (IZ*ONE ver.), and ‘aren’t you in a state of lull?'(好きになっちゃうだろう?)(IZ*ONE ver) it was composed of the, ‘while it has a dream’ (IZ*ONE ver.) and bonus track ‘my one’ (IZ*ONE ver.) ‘ which only it can listen in CD. The album this time is the total 8 track reorganizing the new musical composition and ‘the produce 48’ contest 9 tune into the eyes circle version. This title song is 3 number track-in ‘la Vie En Rose’ (La Vie en Rose). It is having the meaning that it is ‘rose color life’ as French. The title song looks forward already. The reason the direction of the eyes circle and color, and etc. can be determined afterward it is the concept which it opens for the first timeIt is the eyes circle members getting verification of the recognition and ability, and etc. through ‘the produce 48’ previously. It cannot be most not standard of the huge popularity to debut as the vote of the nation producer than what. However, moreover these looking at the eyes circle debutting into the world of singers unlike over ‘the produce 101’ season 1 and ‘the produce 101’ season 2 through ‘the produce 48’ in the eye line which the concern is mixed don’t write. This reason including the happens in the global girl group collaboration of Korean and Japan trying for the first time is small noise, cultural difference, gap of the k pop which and J-Pop concept, and etc. It is the matter of concern that maybe there is the number attracting the child OR which it comes before what because of being ‘the produce 48’ of which the audience rating was poor more than the past 2 season person and explosive popularity like wanna circle. The idea that it will be difficult when being active as the different image of Korean and Japan members moreover the team to set the direction doesn’t write. Anyhow, the eyes circle started into the debut countdown. On the coming 29th at 6 p.m., the first mini album ‘the color rise’ of the eyes circle is planning to be released and can purchase the offline record the reservation through every kind on-line sound source site in on-line the negative principle in nature antisitic. In from p.m. 8 on 29th Seoul Olympic Park Olympic hall, that is the album release immediately after, hold the debut commemoration Syo cone. Eye and ear of the men are concentrated if the idol admiring the best popularity along the debut of the global girl group eyes circle and seniors which the makes is born.
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