… Junyeong Chung till the restaurant business CEO from the singer song writer and dream realization pass


It is the restaurant business after the solo singer band singer song writer fitting model good looker artiste pro gamer, and etc. this time. All eyes is turned to the pass of Junyeong Chung realizing the restaurant business CEO dream. Junyeong Chung agency C9 entertainment revealed on 23rd, “start business of the restaurant Mejongdeukkore (MAISON DE COREE) after the long preparatory period which Junyeong Chung is over in 3 in the next year Paris”. Mejongdeukkore makes Korean charming energy and dynamic character the major code. Junyeong Chung opens the pop-up restaurant to the real restaurant open under the Mejongdeukkore name for the concept called ‘with the Paris (DE SEOUL A PARIS) in Seoul’ starting next month during 2 weeks. The team was made including the domestic popularity restaurant Seu Wani example binary chef with the horn field foremost specialists. ” long preparatory period, at last, all Allin the start of my restaurant Junyeong Chung is through Instagram on 19th It ran to one month pop-up and next year open, as “***” preparatory period was long, the impression which has the restaurant open ahead at the moment when being really happy was revealed. The attention is concentrated in the pass colorful of Junyeong Chung has been realize the dream in orderly manner. ‘the right to pursue one’s happiness of Junyeong Chung’ (when Eul pursues the hapiness, the first of the ten celestial stems has to promise the wholehearted support) was known to be included in the contract document while Junyeong Chung contracted with the agency. After there was in Korea so that Junyeong Chung who attended the various nation and grows could be hydrolyzed to the age of 19, the face was informed through the shopping mall fitting model. And it acceded so called, ‘good looker’. All Ppyeolchyeot the activity including ‘the good looker age’ in the good looker at the time, ‘twinkle’ music video appearance on the stage in Girls’ Generation Tae look, and etc. The formal debut is the year 2,013, that is the next year participating in the Mnet audition program ‘the superstar K4’. It took an active part as the singer song writer while the solo singer and band drug restaurant was active. It joined the battle ground pro-gaming team Ttimkongdu in last January and It became Junyeong Chung who is known to like the game usually to the formal progamer.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736017.htm, 2018/10/23 11:47:12]