… member Dio teaser release ‘the comeback countdown’ the exo (EXO) is visited


The exo (EXO) coming back as the new musical composition ‘Tempo’ (tempo) introduced the member part secrets teaser. On 23rd, ‘Circuit #D.O.’ through every kind SNS account including the SM Entertainment Company Limited the formal twitter and facebook, Instagram, and etc. (the circuit # Dio) the image was introduced. The appeal which the revealed teaser center Dio is wild stands out. Because the spoiler sound source of the regularity 5 album the recording song ‘Gravity’ (gravity) can be simultaneously met with the part secrets teaser release, especially the expectation for the new album is more amplified. The Great Britain producing team London noise (LDN Noise) working ‘Monster’ (monster), ‘Lotto’ (lotto), and ‘Power’ (power) back kept time with the exo with the tune of the sound which the new musical composition ‘Gravity’ does the retro and electro pop genre in which the rhythm done the punky stands out and once. The mind which would like to seize the lover that the member chan heat took part in the writing the lyrics and together and it leaves was likened to the gravity and it disentangled in the housekeeping. In addition, proceed with ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘ (the Donteu messed up MI tempo) teaser promotion from the today (23 days) through the official site. Because the teaser image can be appreciated if the number quiz related to the member in ‘CIRCUIT EXO’ (the circuit exo) page which fits to the album this time concept and is made is guessed correctly, the interest is more and more doubled. The exo regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO’ takes the melon at 6 p.m. on November 2nd. The entire song sound source is opened through all sorts of music sites including the Aittyunjeu, Apple music, sporty pi, chamois music, and etc. and the record, as to the same day is released.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1735996.htm, 2018/10/23 09:28:16]