One love and DaeJong Film Festival film festival agent reception dispute “it was asked”


The singer one love appeared as the agent prize winner of the lewy worth of Saga motto in the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival and the dispute was caused. He revealed one love in any kind of relation to the stage “the phone of Korea movie man federation one executive was gotten and it rose to the stage” while the concern about the Ollat leaned. One love explained in the edaily and interview “korea movie man hosts the DaeJong Film Festival federation one executive which reached the phone one day, there was ‘ DaeJong Film Festival awards ceremony. It got to be asked if the agent water could be given” on 23rd. After that, the situation was told at that time to be the He “it was not inclined but was anxious that broadcasting absence appears and it went to the day ceremony center. It alit on the designated seat” “one which after music award world time was, it is the order of ‘ I, it wants and it goes up”. One love told suspicious on the trophy “it entrusted to the know sister and the restroom to was gone and it came and because the sister installed when ‘ what kind of she 2 came and the trophy was released, ‘ gave and he did” “by no means, the movie ‘ Namhansansong ‘ people concerned will be not”. ‘namhansansong’ manufacturer was known to withdraw the trophy of the lewy worth of Saga motto. At last 22nd, in the Gwanghwamun in Seoul Sejong Center grand theater, the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival opened. This day Ryu reason Saga motto director was expected to receive the music award for ‘namhansansong’ but it was absent due to the schedule. Instead, it rose on stage out of the blue. The DaeJong Film Festival ‘the relay broadcast camera was scheduled for the agent reception originally’ Namhansansong ‘ manufacturer people concerned was caught up to but the man rising to the stage was the teuroteu singer one love. The people concerned of ‘namhansansong’ returned again to the seat as if it were embarrassed by this features. I was introduced and it went down from the stage, saying that one love was “teuroteu singer”. The embarrassment was expressed, saying that ‘namhansansong’ people concerned rising once again to the stage after award for photography agent reception was “the agent was trying to be suspicious and the communication was not the music award smooth a little while ago”. This agent reception dispute seems to originate from the cross between organizing committee and host.
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