Sungsu Kim in Cool and ‘gangseo-gu PC room’ suspect mention…”The Kkikkippa bar “


To the group Cool member Sungsu Kim not be more adequate and mention the Gangseo-gu PC room murder case suspect Sungsu Kim the dispute was aroused. The Seoul Kangseo police station opened the face of the suspect Sungsu Kim of the Seoul Gangseo-gu PC room murder case and blindness after opening the exposure of personal affairs Committee for Council on 22nd. After that, ‘sungsu Kim’ ‘gangseo-gu PC room murder case’ etc. Related keyword ranked the Portal site real-time search word ranking higher rank. This day know that get through Sungsu Kim in Instagram in the morning and it was startled all of a sudden at this. Sungsu Kim added the text and it will meet in all Wednesday ‘being set up in a separate family’ the screen which the name called ‘ Sungsu Kim ‘ is in the first place of Portal site real-time search word ranking was captured and why, of all things, it published. “be trying to see the situation and be funny” (gofo****) “it was at the height of sensitive problem and was thoughtless” (bega****) ” this netizen will be exorbitantly this surprised even if it will be same. But because of being the state where the people, as to the nerve stands on end now, ‘it uploaded obstinately on SNS to be once surprised’ of was thought but ” (amur****) “the Kkikkippa bar (the sweetifsh of the meaning the part which it drops out it is the tight part tight from has to be dropped out)” (hssh****) the back comment was left. ” this man lived to be difficult. Pass just, there is the reaction of ” (niki****) back. After Sungsu Kim deleted the placard catalog in which there is adverse criticism and converted the Instagram account to the non-disclosure.
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