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The actor abstraction U.S. came back as the director of the latest movie ‘the children going to Poland’. The meter “abortion” in which He gets to change among these into the movie director confesses and it attracts and there is. It appeared in the corner ‘the tuesday reserved seat’ of the KBS1 culture program ‘Achimmadang’ which 23rd which it pushes the abstraction is broadcasted. The way in which the He “it was pregnant in 2009 and was aborted” forget ” impact was the studying. All Bahyeot the opportunity it thought that it was the old and old dream and had to start the studying at this opportunity and which got to study at the graduate school and which the directing for film gets to install the directing for film The movie ‘the children going to Poland’ pushed the abstraction was produced recently. Poland and Korea was come and is gone and this film was prepared with the documentary in which it puts the travel of the recovery visiting the secret misfire of 1,500 people Korean war orphans for this film pushed the abstraction for 4 years. All Moat the interest the official invitation becomes and to the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival wide angle-documentary showcase section The pain of the abortion pushing the abstraction is overcome and presently, 8-year-old I has the son. He appeared for the obsession for “the postpartum depression the Nat old books visited the child” ” child and attachment. If it thought, when our father unscrewwed me, buying, it died suddenly and it seemed to be in the unconsciousness and that told. The father of the abstraction U.S. is the play actor high (late) Chusongung. After that, north Korea poor youngster in North Korea child video pushing the abstract was watched. If the child saw the story who is the hero of the tragedy, it was the same as my child and used to be painful, it was heart-felt so that the reality of the division can be strange with “***” then and it told. In the meantime, it explained “the feature length film meterial for was looked for the postpartum depression conquest” “the misfire data about North Korea war orphan got to be just in time found before. The children ‘ going like that to ‘ Poland like the fortune got to be produced”. The movie ‘the children going to Poland’ which the abstraction U.S. makes is the prearrangement of release on the coming 31st.
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