‘the big picture of YG’ black pink and U.S. advance becoming serious… global star be able to make.


Cooperate with the inter scope record in which the black pink is the representative label in the world biggest universal music group and go seriously into the American stage. YG entertainment revealed and like this, told “the black pink, recently, all Maeeot the inter scope and contract” on 23rd. It is the goal that YG the inter scope will make the black pink through the partnership to the opportunity for this to the global star. The agency hinted at the self-confidence, saying that it was “one in which YG have the strong point in Asia will have been making in the future various global projects as the partner of the universal music group”. The universal music group (Universal Music Group, UMG) is the music business 1 company of the global biggest scale. Oh the inter scope which YG will have together is connected to the doctor weight of character · Ttuppak · Eminem · Kendrick llama to the representative label of the universal. It is the label where there is the threatened recognition. The sir and John Jaenik inter scope president announced whether it was the gray in lucy who is CEO when being the universal music president of group to go into the work informed the black pink through the whole world through the partnership with YG from ‘UMG Global Leadership Summit’ in which the global executive board of the past 10 days (local time) universal gets together. All strings the attention exceptionally lucy president An is concerned the activity of the black pink is introduced as its own top priority project directlyThe sir in lucy gets to form YG and new relationship through the black pink to be done with “yang Hyun-Suk president grew YG entertainment to the international large enterprise leading the music and the position artists left the course unlike so far other people” ” inter scope family and is very happy. The surprising success of the black pink is expected based upon the global resource of the universal music group and specialized knowledge. It wished to be globally gradually expanded and the public taking notice of the black pink was strongly said. The music of ” these and visual is very different from this anything occurring in the pop musical circle, saying that the zone Jaenik inter scope president is “the black pink the next generation global superstar”. The mind which was the mind excited on partnership beyond expectation with YG running the global conquest of the black pink with the goal and is special was shown. Yang Hyun-Suk representative producer will cooperate closely with the universal, that is the global greatest music group, with “this black pink contract was thanks to this rapidly decided lucy president An hosts directly” front of ” and will become exhausted the best effort for the successful debut of the black pink and action. Moreover, it be expected to be the start when the afterward YG position artists are good for North America and Europe advancement into a market and the meaning of this contract was underscored. Teddy producer that has been being wholly responsible for the music of the black pink is the very happy thing so far. Today, the entertainment is global than this any other time. The talent settled down with the music transcends the culture and language and it is expecting that there is no limit in the actuality, it can show the potential of the black pink through the large-scale size through “***” this partnership. The things in coming future was being and expected and it told. There is too much in the musicality and entrepreneurship to be alike and YG and inter scope is looking forward more. The inter scope had been regarding the creativity respect from the artist and producer as the highest value from the early stage of establishment. And because the inter scope is putting together the pop market as well as the hip-hop accomplish the basis of YG music, the black pink is over the k pop gale and the activity in American liquor market is expected as the global star. Therefore, the artists and shoulder which is globally clear with the debut in 2 years got to be aligned. The global influence proved through YouTube the special field activity into is inquired on U.S.A in advance. As to the black pink, the music video of 6 volumes which ‘the bar it blows’, ‘whistle’, ‘playing with fire’, ‘STAY’, ‘like the last’, and ‘Duttudu’ back is made shows altogether the ripple force breaking through the hundreds of millions view in YouTube. The black pink, as to eye and ear of the men are concentrated on the advance to the US if it can be reborn as the success and global girl group.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736002.htm, 2018/10/23 09:45:03]