The high has “it misses”.1 anniversary of death ahead Choohyeok Kim and ‘daeJong Film Festival’ special award who


The actor high (late) Choohyeok Kim passing away by the accident of the suddenness was awarded the best supporting actor award and special award in the film festival to the 55 time person. It was the dissimilarity in which 1 week had 1 anniversary of death ahead and gets and many movie man and audiences was produced touchingly. The 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival opened in Seoul Sejong Cultural Center in the afternoon on 22nd. Choohyeok Kim received the best supporting actor award for ‘supervising’ (the supervision understanding the soul), that is the posthumous work. All Ppyeolchyeot the smoke which China drug dealer battle formation is stupid, it undertakes the role and He is exceptive in ‘supervising’ The deep impression was left to these which are many as much as it was selected as ‘the life character’ of Choohyeok Kim. The agency NamooActors Jun executive director of the deceased took for sby the shape. (the Ji in which Choohyeok Kim passes away) year 1 ran short already if the Kim Sangmu was ” next week. The words of the thank of was likely to be given many person sharing in being the friend which there was a lot of the consideration usually, it will tell well and “***” said the prize. This best supporting actor award is the second opinion after ‘deo Seoul awards’ last year. Choohyeok Kim getting the life first best supporting actor award as ‘coordination’ tells “it is 20 years of life of acting and the prize is first received in the movie” at that time. The special award got Choohyeok Kim. As to the old actor Yeonggyun Shin, the father Musaeng Kim and Musaeng Kim ” Choohyeok Kim you are the actor acting well quite handsomely. This friend passed away so early. It was really painful and the son Choohyeok Kim archipelago to was early gone and the regrettable feeling was conveyed. After that, it is the actor that It can become the great actor and goes so early and thinks sadly. However, it thinks maybe that it receives against the happy mind because the men who like the movie and Choohyeok Kim inspire the special award to the person. This prize was gotten and it wished in Heaven to be well comfortably with the father, it told. The yearning toward MC Shin Hyun-joon “choohyeok Kim would like to see when being like this” He was expressed to the person. After bumping into the propulsion and apartment wall due to India after crashing into the Grandeur vehicles while driving its own Benz sports utility vehicle (SUV) in one near main gate of apartment of Seoul Gangnam-gu Samseong-dong Yongdong Boulevard at October last year on 30th, Choohyeok Kim was transmitted. With the car which after Choohyeok Kim takes falling on the next building bottom of stairs after the pile-up accident and overturning the fire happened immediately. It was evacuated after nearby Konkuk university medical center but died. The agency NamooActors is the schedule in which it will hold 1 memorial service in the Seoul Gangnam somewhere on the coming 30th.
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