“the internal dance explosion” ‘the swing kids’ first trailer opening to the public


The first preview of the movie ‘the swing kids’ (the supervision Hyeongcheol Kang) of the actor Kyongsu Do starring was revealed. As to the distributor NEW, the first revealed the rhythm chapter, that is the first is born as British empire 4 and collaboration trailer first version, on 23rd. There is to be in charge of the global preview production of ‘supervising’ lived Empire and attract. The resistance, the revealed preview begins with the scene watched the aspects of men in which the Ro base number (kyongsu Do) is dancing the tap dance in secret. After that, the Ro base number speaks as “only the Geodeu which one this man called tap dance makes dementedly”. It was fascinated in the tap dance, it can guess. After that, it practices with day and night and the Ro base number falling into the tap dance and aspects of the Jackson (redeu Ja Grimes) in which the leader of the mob dance group becomes in the former Broadway star foretells the special synergy which these will show. Here, the Yangpalnae which volunteers for the interpreter of the dance group in order to earn (the Bakhye moisture) and course where the Syaoppang (the Kim Min aleuron) etc. these of the Byeongsam Kang joining in the dance group (chungse Oh) and inversion fascination possessed the talented dance skill becomes one by the tap dance in order to find the wife before call the curiosity together. ‘the swing kids’ is the movie drawn the story as if Kojedo prisoner of war camp and heart of the mob dance group ‘the swing kids’ which only it is lumped with the passion for the dancing are chapped in 1951. 12 month prearrangements of release
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736048.htm, 2018/10/23 15:51:52]