The mail romance rumor of dissolution? The reason why the dispute continues at the fast elucidation


It was this and the cable was drawn that on ‘the rumor of dissolution rumor’ fact in which the duo ‘the mail romance’ agency becomes a subject of discussion from on-line community, and etc. recently was not. However, the dispute has the shape that doesn’t die down easily. The beginning of the rumor of dissolution is like this. The mail romance member Kim Minseok ” today stage was to the utmost humorous for its own Instagram at last 21st. Because, while the today wrote the writing as the mail romance, it was the last performance it started. In the same day JungDong ring ‘2018 Grand Mint Festival (GMF)’ play, it is “one that mail romance doesn’t play the today lastly for a while” to the audiences the power was loaded on the rumor of dissolution. The relevant rumor spread through on-line community, and etc. in an instant. In conclusion, the agency moved forward for the evolution, the day the agency mint paper is not dismantling of ” mail romance with 22 afternoon. It explained to be the condition that warrant doesn’t come out yet with one “***” the member tells that it was not playing for a while when the member Kim Minseok was arranging the enlistment and be the situation ” where it is preparing the enlistment. It revealed that agency was the groundless. However, the suspicion doesn’t sink easily. Saying that the standing which speaks as “last performance” and calls by oneself the rumor of dissolution while the mail romance doesn’t mention the joining the army in fact is not, some netizens are the situation where it is raising the voice of the suspicion still in spite of the rumbling of sea of the agency. In the meantime, the mail romance debutting as ‘sentimental’ album is the male duo consisting of the vocalist Kim Minseok and piano JungDong ring. While the song ‘gift’ announced in the existing caused ‘the reverse running blast’ in the music chart last year, especially many loves were gotten.
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