‘the mournful sensibility’ exo chen and ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate entry


‘aim at chen and the first place of the singer ranking’The group exo chen held in the play space ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate of the idol fandom on 22nd. The tune which is in the rank is the TvN drama ‘Langgun of on 100th’ OST ‘the cherry blossom love song’ released on 16th. The cherry blossom love song ‘ is the ballad song of which the Bakgeun has been guessing correctly the synthesis iron, Chung Sumin, and sensitive producing of Marti which stand out in the various genres. The situation where it punishes with the heart-rending love of 2 heroes and fate among the drama tragic was served in the housekeeping. Because the Dio (kyongsu Do) belonging in the group like chen is in charge of the hero among the pole, especially the interest of the fans is more gathered. It participated in ‘the love it is good’, ‘the descendant of the sun’, and ‘nine missings’ back every kind drama OST and chen got previously the hot love. The outcome gets attention if the song ‘the cherry blossom love song’ feeling the sad sensibility of chen has the number in which it will gain the grade which is good in 4 parking singer ranking vote of 10 months.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736079.htm, 2018/10/23 18:07:22]