The new work ‘parasite’ still cut opening to the public… first half of next year unsealing of the director Bong Jun-ho


The steel of the new work ‘parasite’ of the director Bong Jun-ho was revealed and it was attracting attention, 23 days CJ Entertainment revealed primally three kinds of steel of ‘parasite’ through formal report data. The next increases the story which the parasite ‘ follows the case which it doesn’t the expectation which is subjected to the expectancy of the families in one body and the Kittaek goes in order to see the doctor Jang (lee Sun germs) 4 tutor interview and in which the Kittaek (gangho Song) 4 eldest son unfounded fears (woosik Choi) who is the white water starts altogether. The shooting of 77 time round expected on the 19th of last month was safely finished and ‘parasite’ which becomes a hot issue with the fourth meeting of director Bong Jun-ho and actor Gangho Song started into the work of the latter half. As to the solder supervision, “SF or the Cree office movie and vacuole are not. The special love was expressed, saying that it was to become the drama of which the various characters that unique family is a center appear. Because of being the movie in which ” everyone is the star and it was more comfortable than any other time being the field which the director Bong Jun-ho leads stanchly, Gangho Song took a picture enjoyably. Because of being the director Bong Jun-ho giving the surprise every time, it was expected if this art was completed with any kind of movie and it was born and the impressions finishing the shooting was conveyed. The various looks oves the movie center characters is put and 3 steels opened with the crank up news amplify the expectation of the movie. In the meantime, the new work ‘parasite’ is planning to be opened in the first half of 2019.
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