The Ppeul laced of the bulletproof Boy Scouts RM and ’till this proverb from HONNE’


The leader RM of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts the playlist ‘mono.'(mono) was announced. The RM, on 23rd, the playlist ‘mono.’ through the big hit formal SNS The sound source and title song ‘forever rain’ (the cannonade lever lane) music video was opened. The playlist ‘mono.’The various feelings which have been feeling as the leader of the bulletproof Boy Scouts, the common man Kim Namjun so far and which it has been thinking are contained. This playlist ‘tokyo’ (tokyo) and ‘seoul’ (prod HONNE) it is composed of the, ‘moonchild’ (MOONCHILD), ‘badbye’ (the With this proverb), ‘depart from’, ‘it passes’ (with NELL), and ‘forever rain’ back the total 7 the track. This ‘seoul’ (prod From England band Honne (HONNE) composed the cavity and the HONNE) was in charge of the producing. It makes debut in 2014 and as to Honne, ㅇ is well known in the national as ‘3am’ and song of ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ back. And it is the male duo band in which it gets the world popularity and. As to and, ‘badbye’ (the With this proverb), this proverb who is the singer song writer when being the band, not, the vocal of (Mot) was featuring. Nel in band ‘pass’ (with NELL) participated in the producing and featuring. The Deo 한 everyone the immersion of the tune along with the melody which ‘forever rain’ music video together revealed with this day is made with black and white animation and is lyrical ‘seoul’ (prod in addition to The HONNE) and ‘moonchild’ lyric video is planning to be successively revealed.
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