The reaction which ‘the drunk driving strikeout’ Horan and tomorrow (24 days) the sound source presentation… is cold


“no. 3… it is once the fiasco”The comeback news of the mixed group Kkeullaejikkwai member Horan who was not long was the large-scale disappointment conveyed as three ‘the drunk driving disputes’ to the public. The reaction of the netizens hearing of this news is cold. The new single comes to the formal SNS recently ‘ of no. 25 which wishes the agency Fluxus music of Horan, it is revealed. The teaser video was uploaded the new musical composition ‘ was wished along with the writing of the content many streamings were wished. The revealed video situation Horan has the appearance which wears the red dress and in which it sings the housekeeping called “it does in being between our which it cannot start. Still” in the standing microphone future and. This comeback of Horan is about 2 years after the drunk driving dispute last September 2016. When this kind of news is known, then the netizens are showing the negative reactoin. The several netizens is raising the voice of “the period for steaming is not so short after the drunk driving strike-out out” the criticism. Horan is not previously the large-scale disappointment long with the total 3 number of drunk drivings to the public. He was caught for the drunk driving by the past 2,004 year and year 2,007. And the drunk driving was once and caused after in 2016 and the social public criticism was caused. The third drunk driving exposure, at that time, the Horan “repent deeply truly of the second bun action causing the disappointment and anger to many people and reflect” hung head. The outcome gets attention if Horan can change the public mind to this single album.
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