The realization and “the evil replier penal servitude 6 months probation, in 2, the judgment… adequate management nothing” (speciality)


While it was unable to endure that singer realization bothered the continued of the evil repliers and proceeding with the criminal prosecution, the judgment of the court was taken down. Because of continuing the powerful legal action which there is no any adequate management, it emphasized once again and the agency started in relation with this. The agency FNC entertainment revealed that on one man sending the message and image which revealed this kind of fact on 23rd and raises the sexual humiliation and repulsion to over April and Instagram account which the realization manages directly over the several times hosted the criminal prosecution in last April. The agency explained “as a result, ㄴ Incheon district court was the penal servitude of 6 months and judgment of the probation in 2 young about this defendant of the case recently”. Besides, the case which composed the photo of the realization in last March and which it circulates added to receive the complaint and presently, wait for the order of the court. The agency emphasized to was planning to take the legal action which there was no on all criminal acts what kind of adequate management it told in which that informality indicted the netizen spreading the malicious slander false placard catalog publication and lie to this besides towards the realization and that it happens afterward, is powerful. The pass of the realization proclaiming the war on the cyber TERROR which is not seen Attention from men is concentrated if SNS violence toward the entertainer is corrected as this opportunity. Under is the agency official position speciality. It is all right, it is FNC entertainment. As to headquarters of a party, on one man sending the message and image raising the sexual humiliation and repulsion to the Instagram account which the position artist realization manages directly over the several times proceeded with the criminal prosecution against in last April. Consequently, ㄴ was on this defendant of the case penal servitude of 6 months and judgment of the probation year 2 young recently. Moreover, the complaint was received in the photomontage manufacture of the realization and circulation case in last March. The uijungbu district prosecutors office and Iseumnida Daejeon Local Public Prosecutors’ Office waits for the Yaksik Gisohaego and order of the court on two people of photomontage diffuser Jeongbottongsinmangiyongchokjinmijeongbobohoe Gwan heartburnings law violation (Cyber honor damage) suspicionBesides, on one netizen 1 people prosecution, as to the informality prosecutes recently and the order of the court is planning to be the defamation and personal attack placard catalog publication, spread of false information, malicious slander, and etc. issued soon. Elated by being related to this and being accused, on netizens prosecution investigation be under way. As the headquarters of a party, as to about many times reveals, there is no adequate management which how is on all criminal acts happened in-line in the future, legally it is planning to take a step strongly. Moreover, the continued effort will have been being done in order to protect fundamental rights and interests and correct the cyber culture going wrong.
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