The Ri and LAN opening ceremony opening “the heartbeat is given. On the strain” to be stood ‘the truth shop’


The Ri which the group F X native actor will undertake opened ‘the truth shop LAN opening ceremony’. The stood Ri opened ‘the Ri president room to be stood the truth shop LAN opening ceremony In’ in the afternoon on 23rd naver V live. It was the Ri which it will stand in this day broadcasting tense and it was the sweating nap the steps. On program was explained. And the scarceness who is the clues of ‘the truth shop’ intern, one class leader, actor Nam Kyung, and etc. was introduced. It is very the stood Ri tense and the heartbeat is heard. It is nervous since yesterday and is unable to sleep. In this way, it seemed to expect very and confessed like the child going on a picnic. He will visit ‘ truth store ‘ clues and everyone with front of ” frequently. It wished to root much and told. This day ‘the truth shop’ clues celebrated the opening placing the cake in which it puts the candle on the front, and it finished the broadcasting. Just the fact store ‘ is having the first broadcastings ahead with the web reality article talents which draws the detail that it sees the story the Eo truly of the Seol Ri which is wonder and mysterious to don’t know on 25th. Every week visits 11 o’clock public at thursday morning. The law had mutual understanding is learned through the pop-up store ‘the truth shop’ showing the taste. It is the new challenge of the Seol Ri making ‘next occasion’ truly.
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