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The round fortress mistake confronts the evil replier squarely. It revealed that Ja back in which the round fortress mistake agency fantasy presented formal report data on the coming 23rd and which insulted the position artist round fortress mistake over the past 12 days and 23 days 2 times in Supreme Prosecutors’ Office or which damages the reputation was distinguished and the complaint was submitted. Preferentially the producers which the fact that it examined the comment of about 4,000 given conditions and placard catalog, and etc. which it visits the fantasy one by one and it damages the right of the artist and honor becomes hidden clearly were accused. The law firm Kangnam in which the priest of high virtue mistake lawyer visiting the fantasy previously belongs and correspondence which is strong because of signing the mandate contract is predicted. This decision of agency had the false truth about the round fortress mistake which is being spread to the online and malicious personal attack slander and insulting comment and posting in mind. One which it judges to damage the right of the position artist and honor as much as besides, it cannot overlook the malignancies posting heat and expansive reproduction action through the circulationThe legal action of civil and criminal against the evil replier who hit against the suffering and hurt which also there is too much with the fans it supported the artist as well as the position artist due to ‘ this during malignancies posting and comment which it visits the fantasy and it loves and is chronic along with the law firm which is wholly responsible for the relevant business beginning with ” round fortress mistake in the position artist protection levelIt added to be the policy in which it will proceed continuously. Meantime, the round fortress mistake agency officially deny in the round fortress mistake appearance in drama rumor at last 19th.
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