The Tteuwaiseu and new musical composition teaser release The performance hunch? “yeseu”


The group Tteuwaiseu introduced the new musical composition concept teaser. The Tteuwaiseu agency JYP entertainment (under JYP) published the mini 6 album ‘YES Or YES (yeseu it comes)’ concept organization teaser photo in every kind SNS channel of 0 o’clock JYP and Tteuwaiseu on 23rd. With wearing the various color sense which the photo center Tteu Y is worm-eaten and costume saving the personality the game board is surrounded and it has a seat. Display the dice in which the game board which it goes to the someplace, the choice called ‘YES’ exists and coin, the card and front side in which the both sides is ‘YES’ is ‘YES’. As to answer, as to of the new concept of the Tteuwaiseu exposing the confident appearance in the game decided by ‘YES’ stands out. The 10th new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ of Tteuwaiseu does with the concept according to the agency to be loveable as not to help answering as “YES” to hers confession. The image ‘Is tteuwaiseu liked?’ which has previously over on 20th debut in the third anniversary and which the agency revealsThe sound source portion of ‘YES or YES’ is revealed with the surprise attack and the expectation of the fans is more and more pulled up onto. This new musical composition is the tune which the Tteuwaiseu making a hit 9 tunes announced the debut song ‘ (OOH-AHH is done) ‘from’ dance till the night away (Dance The Night Away) ‘ more so far altogether shows by the 10th. Therefore, attention from fans is centered if the box-office hit can be once and caused to the world of singers this time. Meantime, the entire song of the mini 6 album the album ‘YES or YES’ is opened through every kind sound source site including the title song ‘YES or YES’ of the Tteuwaiseu at 6 p.m. on November 5th.
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