The year 2 can open… love story in the return joan and friend in the husband.


The actor joan revealed the course where it gets to marry the husband, after Hwabochwaryeongha with Bnt, the joan opened the love story anecdote of the couple in the continued interview according to 22 days Bnt. Originally the joan was the between husband and friend. When like to meeting the man who is similar to me and deciding on the word called ‘it pays a preliminary visit and gets married’, then it did the husband ‘meet just with me if it will pay a preliminary visit’ and got to meet and the husband who is between friend and meter in which it develops to the sweetheart was conveyed. After that, he was the serious man good and originally was the gag of the husband Mali at first. After getting married, the sense of humor of the husband seemed to brighten thanks to this till me and it inspected and the affection for the husband was expressed. The joan was cast in MBC drama ‘the Dragon King Nim helps and protects’ villain recently. He revealed the passion to be the first show after comeback of the year 2 and on character “because of being the villain but being the villain where there is the story and which changes due to the environment, the feel bitterly very regretful lifted me by oneself” “one which it is the villain but the audience install eagerly so that so that they can understand”. Meantime, as to joan, IT industry professional and passionate love end in 1 got married in 2016.
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