Yoohwa Choi and ‘the dishonest gambler 3’ Madonna opposite making a subject of discussion Does it become the Chung-mu road jewelry?


The actor Yoohwa Choi is discussed as new Madonna role of the movie ‘the dishonest gambler 3’. Minjung Kim decided to undertake Madonna role originally but the getting off was determined by the production crew and difference of opinion. It attracts attention if Yoohwa Choi can become the Chung-mu road’s new jewelry by ‘the dishonest gambler 3’. ‘the dishonest gambler 3’ distributor Lotte entertainment revealed “when there is no in relation with the casting yet that decision appears”. The agency echo global of Yoohwa Choi is the situation where it doesn’t get in touch. The exciton role was undertaken in JTBC drama ‘life’ recently and Yoohwa Choi gave notice of the face. It appears in the movie ‘secret agent’ ‘there is no secret’ and drama ‘miss tris’ ‘syucheu’ back and the activity which there is no to screen TV·, is active is engaged in the except. The rising star come into the spotlight at the field which is various with the mask which is charming it is the peculiar city Yoohwa Choi is discussed in Madonna role which Minjung Kim decided to charge of. Madonna station is the important character where there is Kim Hyesoo and this west wind among the pole. The interest is rising if this role can be taken over as much as it coincides well with the image, that is the city which Yoohwa Choi showed, so far. It made the decision but as to Minjung Kim, the getting off determined the appearance as Madonna role as the production crew and difference of opinion previously. It is right that ” Minjung Kim Ssi gets off in the agency Kkeu everyone company of Minjung Kim at ‘ dishonest gambler 3’. Because there was the difference of opinion in the process where it has been making the movie and it got to get off, before causing the great damage to “***” movie, this kind of decision was explained within a fast date to be one “. ‘the dishonest gambler 3’ does the son sunrise of the ears which are not the same size with the hero with the third work of movie ‘dishonest gambler’ series. It is the story which cooperates after professional gambling designer country which gets involved in the fraudulent gambling and the sunrise owes and is reborn as the best gambler. ‘mutation’ Ohgwang Kwon director in charge of direction and the actor Seongbeom Ryu and Park Chungmin ind charge of the hero. The next year unsealing was started into the goal into the shooting recently.
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