‘at what star did you break out?’ Hwachung Choi and on recording tear…, why.


The broadcaster Hwachung Choi sheds on recording tear and it attracts. The general programming channels MBN new variety program ‘at what star did you break out?’ It had the first broadcastings ahead on 5th and the production crew revealed the filming spot steel. Till ‘the drawing hands’, including the world in this day broadcasting with 76 colored pencils together with MC Hwachung Choi, encounter bell, boom, and spring Ochwi Ri and gagwoman Kim Yeong-hui mother Kwon phosphorus Sukgwa actually, the dark room (the eaten broadcasting) it splashes ‘the Ppibeu Ro duo’ which it is not it covers the tools and every kind of cooking ingredient and various ones the sound can be made through the percussion performance Done ‘쏫’ appears. Especially, ‘the drawing hands’ does to draw equally her in North Korea brother for the senior singer brown rice have the pain of the segmented with the photo and give present and be everyone surprised. The brown rice was unable to take the brown rice eyes off the takes off from the painting having figure more and more from the video and when receiving a gift of the completed painting, then the mind which is thankful to ‘the drawing hands’ is delivered with the hot hug. The video recording said this watched Hwachung Choi “the qualitative and the hour which the photo is unable to tell were contained” “when it is the same as the life which just lives and in which it moves” at that time and was the tear shed? It was the unification of two countries (the joint broadcasting) which the boom is great success. It was the feel which the real person seems to be in the immediately before and just the thumb was lifted to her. At what star did you break out? It is the program which it opens the real life including the everyday of the creator which the sensation is becoming in SNS (the social relationship network service), contents manufacture course, and etc. with MC (hwachung Choi, encounter kind, boom, spring Ochwi Ri, and Gwoninsuk) of 5 people. The collaboration special contents manufacture of the creator and celebrity guest is planning to proceed. The program is having the first broadcastings ahead p.m. 10 on 29th 50 minute.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736185.htm, 2018/10/24 18:14:54]