Each position including one love, agent reception ‘noise’… DaeJong Film Festival organizing committee, and etc. is seen.


While the confused situation where the teuroteu singer one love appears as Japan composer Ryu reason Saga motto agent prize winner in the DaeJong Film Festival film festival happens, the noise about this is not stopped. One love rose to the stage instead of ‘namhansansong’ lewy worth of Saga motto getting the music award in the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival which was the Jongno in Seoul opening on 22nd and is held in the Sejong Center grand theater. When the prize winner was announced, then ‘namhansansong’ rose from the seat but there was one love in the stage in advance, instead, ‘namhansansong’ manufacturer PSY run Pictures Geeyeon Kim representative which was know the agent is suspicious and got the prize. The reaction that it is absurd till the public as well as on-site official was connected to the agent reception of the teuroteu singer who the staff member of film is not. The dispute continued until the next day. The DaeJong Film Festival film festival organization committee built the official position that one love, as to the agent prize winner is hit. The position of each side was organized. ◆ all Haet the story in which ‘namhansansong’ CEO of the manufacturer “the mutual understanding was unable to be smooth” Geeyeon Kim representative climbs the stage instead of ‘namhansansong’ Geeyung Kim movie director awarded the award for photography in this day film festival and the agent is suspicious, one love treats the prize of the lewy worth of Sakamoto The representative Kim seemed to have the setback in ” progress. I attended for the agent reception and the mutual understanding was unable to be smooth and the embarrassed mind was expressed. ◆ one love ” lewy worth of Saga motto who? … Korea movie man helped and hosts the hardship “in one love the edaily and interview” DaeJong Film Festival federation one executive which called one day and the agent reception was requested. It was sudden but did ‘it will know’, it confessed. “when the man called the lewy worth of Saga motto tried to listen but because of asking for the help ask, it accepted and the difficult situation became sensible” the embarrassing position were and shown. ◆ the same day ” lewy worth of Saga motto notice of boycott of was heard and the help was requested to Korea soundtrack society and the executive whom Korea movie man federation executive “one love and official agent prize winner is right” one love takes mention was recommended one love. It explained that agent prize winner who “***” one love is official was right and this issue was delivered to the person to the organizing committee but the cross appeared, the apology to was asked damaged one love so that the one’s could be not. ◆ it presented the report material and contacted ‘ Namhansansong ‘ manufacturer in “there is no problem in the Raa Ri agent reception of one love of the music award and award for photography” ” Korea movie man federation but the organizing committee “‘ Namhansansong ‘ CEO of the manufacturer regret one love agent prize winner is right” same day DaeJong Film Festival film festival organization committee was not contacted to the person. So, the situation was informed before to be one ” which got the recommendation of each association (the Korean movie music society and Korea shooting Film Director Association) and selects the agent prize winner. It told and, “express the regret about ‘ Namhansansong ‘ manufacturer Geeyeon Kim representative action”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736074.htm, 2018/10/24 00:00:02]