‘fall just’… Kim Hyesoo and ‘the bewitching expression like the black hole’


While interviewing in the production briefing session of the movie ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ in which the actor Kim Hyesoo opens in the Seoul Gangnam-ku CGV Apgujeong branch in the morning on 24th, the various looks are made. 1 week has the financial crisis of the largest ever shaking the Republic of Korea ahead in 1997 and the France actor Baeng prize Kassel which is international with the movie which ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ puts the story of a person donates the mutually different choice as IMF governor station. On the 28th of next month, the prearrangement of release
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736142.htm, 2018/10/24 12:25:56]