‘forgery of private document’ Kang dragon seat lawyer and court restriction Booson Kim defense?


The conviction was gotten of the first trial and Kang dragon seat lawyer was arrested for the forgery of private document charge with the court. The lawyer loss of qualification is expected to be inevitable. On charge imprisonment including the forgery of private document of Kang dragon seat lawyer, and etc. passed sentence upon on 24th in 1 and Seoul Central Court criminal 18 single poor treatment San judge restrained. The steel lawyer is defending this talent and fame governor of Kyonggi-do election for public post violation of the law accusation case of actor Booson Kim. However, actually the defense of Booson Kim seems to become difficult afterward as this day court is arrested. The river lawyer is unable to do business for 5 years if he receives a confirmation of the penal servitude through the appeal course, and etc. afterward. Since it is settled that execution ends or the lawyer sentenced to the sentence over the present Attorneys-at-Law Act on safe doesn’t get the execution, the qualification is stopped for 5 years. The Kim Mi-na Ssi husband grandmother Ssi lodged the compensation claim against me after the famous blogger ‘the haughty mind’ Kim Mi-na and adultery rumor became a subject of discussion. Then the steel lawyer was handed over to the trial according to the charge which forges the private document along with Kim Mi-na in order to embrittle this. Kim Mi-na was investigated as one which brought the one’s registered seal of the husband Cho on April, 2015 in secret and filled out the certificate of one’s seal impression procuration and applies for the stamp in to publish the certification. The imprisonment Kim Mi-na charged with the same charge was sentenced to the probation year 2 in the first trial on December, 2016 in 1. The prosecution demanded the penal servitude year 2 to the steel lawyer previously.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736160.htm, 2018/10/24 15:06:42]