‘initial chamber’ news among the Kim Hyun, of all things,… the former the girlfriend Mr.A Supreme Court Haeng


The group SS501 native actor Kim Hyun middle coming out on the Braun tube in 4 years The drama KBSW ‘the then which the time stops’ that today, (24 days) He comes forward by the star is broadcasted. But it is the amusement of the fate. The prosecution submitted of all occasion the written final appeal about the former girlfriend A Ssi among the Kim Hyun then. The past which it would like to ask from the Kim Hyun middle ‘with a sob history’ It makes to take out the now and this moment having the first broadcasts of the drama ahead again. The Maeil Business Newspaper star today reported that it quoted the end of the legal circles on 24th and the prosecutor submitted the written final appeal about the former girlfriend A Ssi among the Kim Hyun on 23rd. The prosecution is trying to ask the guiltiness to A Ssi according to the news by the attempted fraud and criminal libel charge due to publication. With one the court maintaining “since the arraignment fact was not proved as much as the judgment on civil affairs and judgment of a criminal case had to be different and it has to have the reasonable doubt in relation with the criminal case about the defendant being sentenced for the innocence, the first trial is maintained and the appeal of the prosecutor is dismissed” the first trial judgment in the second trial sentence hearing which is held previously over on 18th Seoul eastern district court It was related and the insubordination appealed. The defamation due to publication is the condition where the acquittal and attempted fraud are recognized as the guiltiness and a Ssi is sentenced to the fine 5 million won in the first trial. The penal servitude demanded the imprisonment of 4 months in the trial on appeal case (the) determination trial in last August in 1 but the prosecution didn’t accept. The condition where it receives the judgment against like the first trial to pay the solatium of 100 million won to the Kim Hyun middle and moreover A Ssi loses a lawsuit in the damage claim lawsuit second trial sentence hearing which is held in Seoul High Court at last 10th with the civil affairs The agency Keast among this day Kim Hyun, why, the family case was not and the detail was not know done among ” (criminal case) Kim Hyun and it conveyed from the call. However, the civil case between A Ssi and the Kim Hyun middle with is still proceeded separately from this. It is the Kim Hyun middle declaring ‘it will live humanly’ the Braun tube return. However, the court debate issue related to him is continuing. The public that is cold from the declaration of return reaction the sameness The outcome gets attention if the Kim Hyun middle overcomes wisely this crisis and the winning move is launched into the acting ability.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736128.htm, 2018/10/24 11:00:06]