It saw. It was not to end ‘The Truman Show’.


Asia’s sort and Gasu Boa (see 33· one’s real name recommendation) came back to the new album. 18 years of debut with this year 13-year-old girl threads way through the stage and it is same a few days ago to do to be the men surprised and It becomes the thirties women who unawares ‘girl’ Boa overflows with the mature beauty and the various feeling oves the women is melted up with the song and performance. If it is the man watching the growth (?) of the Boa, it will sympathize. If He is recalled, the movie ‘The Truman Show’, that is Damat, comes the story watched the life of a person with TV to mind. It is the Geurae Seo. The Boa which holds up ‘yet, the Truman Show was not to end’ the ninth regular album and comes back is pleased and it is and appreciated. The showcase of the regularity 9 album ‘WOMAN’ (woman) of the Boa opened in the Coex Artium in the afternoon on 24th. This day event progressed with the society of the broadcaster this fibrous root and was decorated with the time when Boa introduces the new album directly and time watching the stage performance of (Irreversible) in the title song ‘WOMAN’ and recording song influence of anger. It met the fans by the early this year and mini album and prepared the regular album diligently. All Geonnet “it was active for 18 years. However, the time presenting the stage before the album release is the work nervous always” prior to He the stage the greeting Boa was added as “it wanted to keep to promise to the fans will do the singer activity actively”. The story related to ‘WOMAN’ concept who is the album people when being the title of nine albums of regularity to could be listened. As to Boa, ” album this time was the work producing me personally painfully. However, it was greater than any kind of album, the feeling of accomplishment was so much and the self-confidence was expressed. As soon as many people listen the title song title and, ‘ Geolseu Ohn tower ‘ is recalled. If ‘Geolseu Ohn tower’ was the tune of which it puts to act with confidence the girl, it was the tune of which it puts to act with confidence the women and ‘WOMAN’ was explained. After that, the various aspects of woman wanted to be put in ” whole album. It wanted to express much and the changes of the feeling of the women was conveyed. Boa decorated this day ‘in the influence of anger’ and title song ‘WOMAN’ stage at a stretch. It saw and it is not shaken by the intense choreographing skilled ‘asia’s sort’ came back, the peculiar voice seemed to give notice with the stage manner and live ability. 13 year old and ‘ID: The girl singing the Peace B ‘it will tell that it will rise to the stage and nothing will don’t know to the world be scary’ The Boa in which It becomes the thirties melts the various sensibility oves the thirties woman up through ‘WOMAN’. ” strength is not same with the old days it finishes the stage. In order to present the choreographing completely, it was trying with this week and thorough exercise and did. However, the miso where there is the self confidence was revealed. If only it is called as ‘the actor can see’ every the time when it will be stuck in a rut, it is him that it tries in order to not forget one called the singer by oneself because of being called as ‘SM executive director’. Because of that, doesn’t ‘show’ of the Gasu Boa continue in the future? Meantime, today, (24 days) the regularity 9 album ‘WOMAN’ of the Boa takes the melon at 6 p.m. it is revealed in all sorts of music sites including the Aittyunjeu, Apple music, sporty pi, chamois music, and etc. The total of 10 tunes including four tunes of self-composed music of the Boa, and etc. is collected including the title song ‘Woman’ (woman). Meantime, the Boa, on October 26th, the KBS2 TV ‘music Bank’, on 27th, MBC ‘ show It appears on the Music Core ‘on 28th, SBS’ pop music ‘ etc. music program and the splendid comeback performance is planning to be presented.
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