Kiha Jang and faces well the song


‘ cheaply coffee is drunk. It is lukewarm and has been having heartburn a lot. There are the day which the sole of a foot clung widely and it falls, gets kicked by (kiha Jang and faces ‘ cheaply coffee ‘ middle school) girlfriend by the humid vinyl laminated paper bang, day severely defeated by the firm, day which is felt so that by oneself can install the lipid, and playlist which surely listens and which it passes. It is the song of consoles the misfortune of the life with the unwitting talking manner Kiha Jang in the band and face (kiha Jang, imine group, Jungyeop Chung, Jong Min Lee, Hasegawa Helee Yo, and other day are given). Even if it sees even if there is no cheaply coffee ‘ particular thing, the camellia ‘ back is listened so far, the sensibility poor, Kiha Jang and faces consoling the public with the housekeeping tell the music fans about the peace. It was due to decide that 6 member in band left its own way the first day of the year 2,019 on 5 album albums released soon for the start point to the end altogether. Thats that it finishes the band when having the nicest looks. It is ‘kiha Jang and face Seu rub’. Kiha Jang and faces debutted as ‘cheaply coffee’ into the world of singers like the comet in 2008. The housekeeping where there is Witt and melody and straight appearance under the vocalist organ which it is known with ‘mother’s friend’s son’ in addition evoked the curiosity to the publics and they were without a break sent up as the stardom. Kiha Jang and faces made a hit the tune which ‘the month reaches. Go’ ‘TV was seen’ ‘the camellia there is no particular thing’ ‘it held up with the rumor’ ‘we can meet now’ ‘ㅋ’ back is endless after ‘cheaply coffee’. In their lyrics, there was the power which it makes to could console the common men and laugh. It considered together as the grade that the philosophy exists in the life which it seems to do the lipid. ‘Ttung’ one look under the vocal long-term became the signature of this band by the bonus. Kiha Jang and faces are spurring the fans the preparation from 5 album release immediately after with the till the end of the year various routes everyday in order to give present of the happiest last to the fans. It is the last affection which the fans send for 10 years and plan which repays the interest and decorates the last all moments with the fans through the active activity including the various performances and display, and etc. It is a little disappointed. However, ‘it will leave beautifully’ supports them with its own way. However, even after the organ Hawwah faces leave, the day which is cold and sad, day getting kicked by the girlfriend, and playlist of the day I whose the cheer is needed are the place in which their song will be still contained. Meantime, the prerelease tune of the Kiha Jang and five albums of face regularity is released on the coming 25th at 6 p.m. And the information which the regularity 5 album relation is detailed is planning to be successively revealed. The full text of letter which as to lower, Kiha Jang and faces leave to the fans Chang spirit family everyone is all right. It is Kiha Jang and faces. The news which everyone can be a little surprised is trying to be reported today. As to 5 familly released soon, the last album of Kiha Jang and faces will be. Meet everyone by many paths including the concert, and etc. diligently by the end of this year after Aelbeombalmaeha. And 6 we become the first day of the year 2,019 with the start point to go to its own way. Everyone and we persuade everyone and we. As to this record, it becomes the best in which Kiha Jang and faces make work. It is said, differently the meaning that it finished comes to the work which Kiha Jang and faces can install now. When having the nicest looks, the band was finished to be the most beautiful. After the meaning was gathered, the single ‘cheaply coffee’ was sold in the year 2008 and 6 we went into the band, unawares the year 10 flowed. We had been trying so far in order to be renewed always. It is know that it cannot help having painful to read the eagle to the people saving that us. However, it can tell authentically that it is fresh, our this crystal is to advance. It understands, it believes. It roots, it believes. Kiha Jang and faces are finished but 6 we will meet everyone as this, later, this, later, each singer song writer, perfomer, producer, and artist of DJ or other form. It wishes to expect. We are at the ago, we will spend the happy time with everyone on and after today until December 31st. It gets to see what the nicest way in which it finishes the band is. Love Chang spirit family everyone, surely, one has thoroughly together. Thank you really really.
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